Gulley Fest for Howard McBride


Howard McBride, farmer turned songwritter, has 87 years of character that exceeds many. 77 of these years have been on this actual property. The "runt" as he calls himself, has farmed this land until the last few years, when his health started to fail him. This decline in health prompted application to The Living Wish Foundation, a recently formed not for profit, dedicated to reframing hope for the terminally ill patient. Howards caregivers Peggy and Dale along with his hospice volunteers recognized Howards dream of attending a Gulley Fest The Gulleys are well respected in this area as fun loving, experienced musicians, which they certainly proved today. I learned very quickly that Howard McBride is extremely proud of his family connection to The Gulleys. Howards Mother, was in fact a Gulley prior to marrying into the McBride family. Linda Gulley McInnis paid homage to the musical talent the McBride family also possessed, making Howards talent a double whammy of inline genetics. We did hear a piece of Howards music today, "Canada our Home". It was part of Howards dream that his "relations", would play and sing his work. He has also written and dedicated a song for and about his Mother. Howards event was very well attended and a great launch for The Living Wish Foundation.


Nottawa, Ontario, South Georgian Bay