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When is Double Dollars "live" so I can purchase gift vouchers?
Double Dollars is live from 10am EST to 10pm EST on Wednesday when you visit and go to the Double Dollars page. At 10am EST a "Buy Now" button appears beside each offer.
Are there any Terms and Conditions?
Gift Vouchers can be purchased one per household for restaurants and retail locations. Only one voucher can be redeemed per retail location per visit and only one can be redeemed per customer. per table at restaurants. Each Voucher has no cash surrender value and in many cases are not valid with any other offers. Some vouchers expire for offers or events on specific dates and times. Do not purchase if you can't use the gift voucher.
Where do I pick up Double Dollar vouchers? How long will they be available for pick up?
Double Dollars Vouchers can be picked up at THE UPS store, 115 First Street, Collingwood, ON. between 8;00 am and 5:30 pm Monday to Friday except on Thursday's of the week you purchased. You must present a valid drivers license or photo ID along with your purchase confirmation email that contains your order number. Double Dollars vouchers will be available at THE UPS store for eight weeks after the date of purchase. After the eight week period we are no longer liable.
What web browsers do we support?
We support the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. All other browsers may not be supported and your transaction may not be successful. For the best results use a desktop computer to process voucher transactions.
I was making an on-line transaction and came back to completing the form after a period of time and my purchase did not go through, How come?
Your browser may have timed out or you lost your connection to the Internet. This happens to protect you from internet fraud and your transaction may be voided. It is wise to complete the transaction you started ASAP. You may have to close your browser and start over if there are vouchers available to be purchased.
I have received an error message or the form returned a Credit Card error message.
Occasionally, due to heavy web traffic, communication was not completed which generated an error message to help protect you from fraud. In other cases you may receive a message because while your were completing your purchase the item you were attempting to purchase became "sold out" or your card was declined by the credit card merchant.