IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga


Currently offering on-line classes. There’s a new fitness studio in town! What’s so special about IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga - you ask? It’s in the name: Infrared! Both studios at IFY are heated with infrared technology, rather than traditional heat. Infrared saunas are already known for their incredible therapeutic benefits and now we’re applying that technology to the fitness and yoga environment. The benefits of exercising in an infrared environment range from burning more calories, eliminating toxins, increased circulation, improved muscle recovery, improved lymphatic flow, boosting the immune system, reduced pain and inflammation, among many others. Unlike traditional gas or electric heat used in most hot studios, infrared heat is less intense and travels much deeper in the body, resulting in a more vigorous sweat at lower temperature. It’s also significantly better for your overall health with lasting impacts while you workout. At IFY, we are taking the ‘hot’ studio concept TWO steps further: 1. Combining the effects of infrared heat with exercise to take advantage of all of the amazing benefits, and 2. Expanding the ‘hot studio’ model beyond just yoga, as all types of exercise can be practiced in a heated studio, with wide ranging benefits to the participant. Whether you are interested in high intensity (HIIT) workouts, or a warm gentle stretch lab, we offer classes for ALL levels, temperatures, abilities, ages and exercise needs, with our amazing team of instructors. At IFY you will experience your favourite workouts on a new level, with the added benefit of increased and longer lasting fitness AND health results, thanks to our unique infrared heat technology.


2 Mountain Road
Collingwood, Ontario, South Georgian Bay L9Y4S8

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