Collingwood Food Tours


Food has always been a way I have enjoyed new locations as well as good times with friends and family. A recent vacation in Florida led me to experience my first food tour. Getting to eat at the not-to-be-missed culinary locations, while learning some history of the area along the way, was a great way to spend the afternoon and a highlight of the trip. Collingwood Food Tours is a way to bring a similar experience to my town and create a fun way for local food lovers and visitors to enjoy the tastes and history of Collingwood. With an incredible selection of so many great restaurants in Collingwood, a town that has a lively social scene and an area that sees new visitors year round, we hope everyone enjoys the tours as much as I do!



Thursday Tours Meet at 1pm Fish and Sips 206 Hurontario St. Saturday Tours Meet at 1pm


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