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Building a cottage that’s far from home can often feel like a long distance relationship. Sure, you have a signed contract stating that your property will be completed for the specified price, but that distance can often leave you feeling like your project is a mystery. “When you are building a home or cottage, you deserve to have certainty around the quality of the products going into your home and clarity around your timeline and budget,” says Kevin Blair owner of Alair Homes Collingwood. A client control system can provide those answers. The client control system provides greater transparency and allows clients to follow their project, communicate with their project manager, and make selections for every stage of the build through a user- friendly project management software. The approach is designed to give control back to the client, and the software helps eliminate any uncertainties about what work has been completed and where money is being spent. “They can see their budget for each area of the build, compare it to the exact amount spent on each product and service, and pick between sub-trades and building materials based on their quality and price,” says Kevin Blair. “They see what we see, at cost, on a daily basis.” For clients who are unable to visit the project and see the progress for themselves, the software also functions as a gallery, giving Alair the ability to share photos of the build as it develops. “It’s a great tool for clients to send photos to us,” says Kevin. “If they see a paint colour or type of flooring that they really like, they can take a picture of it on their cell phone and send it through the site to us.” Before the construction team breaks ground, Alair uses the software to help clients finalize their major building decisions – from excavation to plumbing, shingles and fixtures. “The key is creating certainty and trust,” says Kevin. “We’re taking away any unknowns before we begin. The budget is set, the sub-trades are decided on, the products are chosen – so everyone knows – without a shadow of a doubt – what is going to happen.” Not only does this give the project manager the ability to book sub-trades well before they’re brought in to complete the work, but it also saves time during the construction process that is spent either waiting for available sub-trades or finalizing selections with clients. “Our Client Control process protects the client and their budget, but it also makes it easier for us,” says Kevin. “Communication is clear, so we don’t need to worry about misunderstanding what the homeowner wants.” In an industry that hasn’t changed much in 50 years, the Alair Homes approach to project management is setting a new precedent for custom builders. “It’s setting a new standard of honesty, integrity and clarity that’s innovating the way construction is done,” says Kevin. “We want our clients to be in the drivers seat when it comes to their new home. It’s a big purchase, so the approach allows us to offer an added level of value and security to our clients and their projects.” “Our tagline is ‘living better starts here’, says Kevin. “It’s something we truly believe. We want to bring more value to the table, to build better, faster, and more organized…..all while having fun.” The ultimate goal is to make the process of building a home stress-free, safe and fun and to protect them and their budget.


64 Hume Steet
Collingwood, Ontario, South Georgian Bay L9Y1V4

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