Ontario’s popular spa destination voted 3rd in Canada, and 16th overall by North American spa connoisseurs. Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain, the unique outdoor nature spa in Ontario, started the new year by receiving the honorable status of #3 in Top 50 favourite spas in Canada and #16 in Top Spas of Americas in 2018.

North Americans continue their love affair with spa and wellness travel, as illustrated by Spas of America’s annual list of the top spas. The wellness travel website unveiled its 2018 lists of Top 100 Spas of Americas and Top 50 favourite Spas in Canada based on unique page views and consumer choices.

The annual award provides insights into consumers’ favorite spa retreats, health and wellness was the focus in 2018, rated as the second most popular spa experience over throwing beach, ocean, casino, mineral, mountain and wine themed spas. “Spa and wellness consumers in the United States, Canada and Mexico understand wellness benefits their lives – by reducing stress, promoting relaxation and increasing well-being.” Spas of America

For more than 12 years, Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain has been recognized every year as one of the best spas in North America by the #1 spa and wellness travel website, Spas of America.

Co-Owners and local Blue Mountains residents, Robert Cederberg, Lesley Cederberg & Mylisa Henderson are grateful for the award and contribute the ranking to not only the increased emphasis on personal health and wellness but to their entire team which they view as the ‘key to their success’.

“Our unique outdoor experience offers Guests relaxation, rejuvenation and silence in nature,” says Mylisa Henderson, Director of Marketing & Sales “Our Guests travel from all over southern Ontario for this escape and the personal customer service that our staff provides.” Henderson continues, “We could not provide such a popular experience without the contributions of all our dedicated staff, especially at the busiest times of year like weekends and winter holidays. The team works really hard to be helpful and respectful to all of our Guests.”

Scandinave Spas’ focus on exceptional Guests experience and overall health & wellness aligns with what visitors expect in the South Georgian Bay area. With the growth of the destination, the Spa recently upgraded their lockers to enhance their Guests’ overall experience and optimize customer service.

To further add to their Guests’ visit, and to provide to the increasing focus on health and wellness, the Spa recently added a certified Forest Bathing trail. In partnership with the Association of Nature & Forest Therapy (ANFT), the Spa’s nature trail was certified in late 2018. The practice follows the general principle that it is beneficial to spend time bathing in the atmosphere of the forest for enhancing health, wellness, and happiness.

Henderson says, “We get so many positive comments from Guests who have been here to escape their everyday stress and fast-paced, scheduled lives and how they feel a renewed sense of optimism, peace and health when they leave. There is a growing body of research that shows spending time surrounded by nature or green space is associated with better physical and mental health.”

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a year-round, all season relaxation experience in the heart of a natural forest. Situated on 25 acres of land between Collingwood and Blue Mountain Resort, the Spa offers Scandinavian Baths and Registered Massage Treatments and provides Guests a unique transformation experience demonstrating its status as the #3 spa retreat in Canada.