Hats off to the fine folks at Press Market in Collingwood for their commitment to sustainability and Plastic Free July.

There’s a global movement happening during the month of July. A movement that has been making the rounds on social media and picking up momentum called Plastic Free July.

It is yearly challenge where millions of people completely give up single use plastics, create awareness and come together to ignite a global change.

Press Market is happy to introduce Canadian company Boho + Hobo, who specialize in eco products for the home, on to their shelves to help make the transition into zero waste living a little easier.

We understand that small changes can lead to big differences on the health of our planet. We hope that you find these products helpful in your journey to a waste free life.


Whether you’re out and about with friends or just catching a late night bite, you can always find your bamboo cutlery travel set in your bag, backpack, car or office. 


These Glass Infusion Cups are not only perfect for your morning cup of jo or tea but also for fresh fruit, mint or even cucumber infused water. Just add h20 and go.


These durable and phthalates, latex, PBA, BPS free silicone freezer bags are great for raw meat, fruit, vegetable and liquid storage. They can also be used to steam those veggies. This is a great way to reduce those one time use ziplocks since they can be tossed in the dishwasher and used again and again. *Includes 2 sizes.

Making these gradual, small changes can really stretch that one month in July to an entire year of being plastic free. It’s safe to say that diving into Plastic Free July can really help you find alternatives that can turn into lifelong habits. 

Press Market
10 Keith Avenue - Unit 104A
Collingwood ON L9Y 0W5