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Collingwood ….. Gateway to the west

27 October, 2018

Bet you haven’t thought about that recently…. Yet… until only a hundred or so years ago the Great Lakes was the only route to the west and Collingwood was the access to the Grea... (more)


23 July, 2018 is about connecting consumers, both local and visitors to the area,  with local attractions, events and businesses - helping people find the choices that  ... (more)

Double Dollars Marketplace

20 February, 2018

The Double Dollars Marketplace is a on-line program that provid... (more) - How It Began

26 January, 2018

It was... (more)

13 Fun things to do on Grey Road 13

26 January, 2018

Day tripping or just getting out and about for an hour or two led us to a drive along Grey Road 13 from start to finish so we’d thought we’d share some of the fun, neat and cool things ... (more)