Skiers and snowboarders at Blue Mountain Resort, Ontario’s largest mountain resort, will be able to enjoy an even better on-hill experience this winter, thanks to a new LED lighting system. The new lights will give skiers and snowboarders a clearer and brighter experience during night skiing while meeting Blue Mountain’s commitment to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

“At Blue Mountain, the impact of our environmental footprint is always an important consideration when it comes to the Resort’s development and growth,” says Dan Skelton, President and CEO of Blue Mountain Resort. “We have implemented, and continue to evaluate, a number of initiatives to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This season, we are very proud to introduce a night ski lighting system that consumes 65% less energy, using fixtures that last much longer and deliver a far superior experience for our on-hill guests.”

Blue Mountain took part in an energy conservation program, administered by Hydro One, to replace 688 metal halide lights. Resort staff and Hydro One teams worked together to make the switch to a LED lighting system.

“Hydro One is here to help our customers, business and residential, to improve their electricity efficiency,” said Charles Coimbra, Conservation Demand Manager, Hydro One Business Program Delivery. “That’s why we worked together with Blue Mountain Resort to help find a solution to lower their energy use, while supporting an economically viable initiative that will change the night-time experience skiers have at Blue Mountain Resort.”

Blue Mountain Resort also partnered with Toronto-based company, Optecha Lighting, to find a lighting solution to improve customer’s night skiing experience and safety while decreasing environmental impact.

Additional benefits of the new lighting system include:

Clearer light is projected more uniformly on the ski hill, making it easier to detect other skiers or objects, such as equipment and trees.

The LED lights include a visor that helps prevents ice and dirt build-up that reduces maintenance. These visors also minimize “sky glow” for neighbouring properties.
The colour temperature of LEDs is optimized to interact with white snow and typical colours of clothing. This makes surroundings look brighter and crisper for skiers and snowboarders.
In addition, LED lights can help reduce environmental and health risks to people and animals.

LEDs help prevent light from emitting into natural animal habitats, allowing for natural nocturnal behaviours in wildlife.
LEDs reduce both energy and CO2 emissions, and can last approximately four to five times longer than metal halide lights.
LEDs do not contain toxic materials and eliminate the risk of mercury or other harmful elements from entering landfills and water systems.
Night skiing is scheduled to begin at Blue Mountain Resort on December 13, 2018, weather and conditions permitting. Skiers and snowboarders will be able to enjoy nightly skiing Mondays through Sundays from 3:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.

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