This weekend Silver Stick Collingwood launches its’ 20th season with a brand new addition to the tournament.

For the first time ever the event will run over two weekends and include new divisions for house league and local league teams. The house league/local league tournament runs at Eddie Bush Memorial and Central Park arenas November 9th to 11th. The 20th edition of the AE tournament runs November 16th to 18th.

The tournaments are a qualifier for the International Silver Stick Finals that are held for additional entry, house league, and local league teams in the Niagara region in January.

The Collingwood event features eight divisions and 54 teams from atom to midget with round robin events kicking off this weekend with all-Collingwood match ups on Friday night at Central Park Arena at 7:10. (admission is free both weekends for the entire tournament)

“We are excited about expanding into the house league and local league divisions,” says co-Chair Dale West. “When we first started talking about the new divisions a few years ago my co-chair Matt Erickson and I felt it was a great direction for Silver Stick.”

  1. Silver Stick has been hosting invitational events for the house league/local league level for five years, but with the growth of qualifier events the tournament in January will feature champions from tournaments in Ontario and the United States.

“The idea came about during a brainstorming session a few years ago at our annual general meeting,” says West. “ we were looking for a way to give more kids a special tournament moment each year. Matt and I were very excited about the house league local league concept.”

West says when you ask kids about their minor hockey days the conversation inevitably gets around to the fun the kids had on tournament weekends. “We want more kids to enjoy this part of their minor hockey years, and throw in the special Silver Stick touch at the same time.”

  1. is lots of local content over the next two weekends. Collingwood will ice two teams each in the atom, peewee and bantam HL/LL events and three at the midget level. The AE tournament will feature 4 Collingwood teams in the three divisions.

The full tournament schedule can be found on line and scores are updated hourly on twitter @CollingwoodSS

08 Nov 2018

By Silvefr Stick Hockey