Prestige Outdoor Services - Young Entrepreneurs Pivot and Adapt

Prestige Outdoor Services is a local outdoor service provider operating out of Meaford, Ontario. They offer work to all towns close by, including Collingwood, Thornbury, Beaver Valley and up to Owen Sound. They cover a wide selection of work varying from lawn care, yard cleanups, dump runs, garden maintenance, most any odd jobs.

The three co-founders of Prestige are Kyle Retter, John Williams and James Matheson, three sixteen-year-old boys from Toronto. The three initially had summer jobs as camp counselors, but due to COVID-19, they were unable to work and were left unemployed. Prestige Outdoor Services started off as a way to make the best of a summer during these tough times but has quickly evolved into a successful venture. Prestige Outdoor Services serves as a prime example of local young entrepreneurship that is refreshing to see.

The three have learned a lot about business and entrepreneurship along the way. So far, they have learned how to successfully market a business through social media. Social media marketing has increasingly become a larger part of advertising as a whole, and these young men have taken advantage of what Facebook has to offer to small businesses. They have been extremely busy over the course of the spring and summer, They show up with a smile and are easy to work with. Additionally, their diligence and hard working nature ensures that their customer service needs are always fulfilled.

Overall, Prestige Outdoor Services has proven to be a great success in the world of outdoor services as well as a great success story for local young entrepreneurship. Their basic labour skill set has effectively addressed the high demand for outdoor servicing needs.

If you are in need of any services, you can contact them through their Facebook page Prestige Outdoor Services, by phone: 647-919-5152, or through e-mail:


24 Jul 2020