MS Walk Collingwood

On Sunday, May 6, 2018 over 200 participants will come together for the Mandarin MS Walk in Collingwood, Ontario to demonstrate their power in helping change the lives of Canadians affected by MS. Taking place in 524 locations across the province, the Mandarin MS Walk offers individuals and teams the chance to celebrate hope and join the fight against MS, while raising crucial funds for the cause. 

The MS Society is dedicated to funding research and services that empower Canadians affected by multiple sclerosis. Money raised through the Mandarin MS Walk will help fund things initiatives such as:

MS research - Research into causes and risk factors, treatments for progressive forms of MS, translational research, scholarships, stem cells, Vitamin D, diet and exercise.
Programs and services - A variety of programs and services that help people affected by MS effectively manage and cope with the disease, such as support groups and financial assistance. 
Advocacy work - Lobbying for more flexible income and employment supports for Canadians affected by MS, caregiver supports, coordinated care, and more investment from our governments in MS research.

All Mandarin MS Walk events have routes of varying lengths, including wheelchair-accessible routes. Participants will also have the opportunity to join in on start/finish line activities and team awards ceremonies as well as hear amazing speeches from people living with MS.

For a complete list of events and to register, the public may visit or call [1-800-268-7582 416-922-6600x3132]. To learn more about MS and the activities of the MS Society of Canada, the public may visit

15 Apr 2018