Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Know your farmer!

Hello! We are Julie and Ethan Higginson. We are a young married team passionate about Agriculture! We own and operate a small herd of Angus influenced cattle in Meaford, Ontario. As graduates of the University of Guelph, Agriculture diploma program; we are using our knowledge to produce high quality, delicious beef. On Higginson Farms, it is our constant goal to progress our farm towards the most humane and sustainable practices to ensure that our farm is successful enough to pass down to our next generation. We strive to supply our customers with high quality, sustainably raised beef that is always consistent. As progressive young farmers it is our pleasure to keep our clients informed about every step of production and food safety.


Know your food!

On Higginson Farms, we see the advantages of a grass and corn-based diet. Our cattle are raised without the use of hormones. We follow the best grazing practises to offer our cattle the most nutritious feed and to capture the most CO2 into our soil to improve the environment. When our cattle are a few months from optimal weight, they are finished on a corn and forage diet to improve marbling to provide a tender and tasteful product. We offer individual cuts, 15LB boxes containing an assortment of cuts and bulk orders. We invite you to taste the difference!


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26 May 2019