Kaytoo gives back to community organizations for Thanksgiving

The year 2020 has been tough for all of us, if there is one plus side to all of this is that we have all had time to sit back and reflect on what's really important in life and help take care of each other. So this year when it came time to start talking turkey, collectively as a team the staff at Kaytoo thought ‘what can we do to pitch in? How can we help make someone’s holiday just a little bit better?

They reached out to My Friend's House and to Home Horizon Transitional Support Program and offered to provide Thanksgiving Dinner for all of the residents and staff.

Food and Beverage Control Manager, Nick Neidrauer got on the phone and with a little help from some of their amazing friends and suppliers from Sanfilippo's Wholesale Fruits & Vegetables, COBS Bread Bakery and T&K Ferri Orchards they are able to put together something truly special for some really amazing people.

Home Horizon is very touched and thankful to Nick and his team at Kaytoo for making this coming Thanksgiving a day to remember and celebrate for the youth in the Barbara Weider House by providing a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, with all the bells and whistles for to all to enjoy. The youth in the house are truly touched by this kind of support, just knowing that other people are thinking of them has a tremendous impact on their self-confidence! We have an incredible opportunity to grow our services in response to the needs of youth at risk of homelessness, to help them transform their lives and move forward with their hopes, dreams and life opportunities. Together we are transforming the lives of the youth in our community one life at a time.” - Deb Piggott, Fund Development Manager - HOME HORIZON

“This Thanksgiving is particularly special as it is the first weekend My Friend’s House will be able to have women and children safely returned to the shelter. It truly is a weekend to be thankful for so many reasons and for our staff and residents to gather in celebration with a meal from Kaytoo makes it even more special. I have dined at Kaytoo and I know they are in for a treat.” Alison FitzGerald C.H.R.L., Executive Director

“To our friends at My Friends House and Home Horizon, from all of the staff at Kaytoo Restaurant & Bar we hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving.” - Nick Neidrauer, Kaytoo.

06 Oct 2020