IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga - delivers more than your typical workout!

The ‘red hot’ carpet is rolling out in anticipation of Collingwood’s newest fitness studio grand opening later this week.


Saturday, January 25, 2020 at 2pm is the grand opening of IFY , short for Infrared Fitness & Yoga . Located at 2 Mountain Road in Collingwood, the team at IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga will be offering tours of their newly renovated facility, sample classes, refreshments, demonstrations and a ribbon cutting.


IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga founder Lynn Beauregard is excited about delivering this unique concept to the region, “This area is so conducive to active and healthy lifestyles as it is, and locals have shared our excitement about the benefits of infrared fitness. Our studios are not just for yoga. We are offering a variety of fitness styles for all levels and at varying intensities and heat levels”.


Classes are referred to as “labs” and take place in studios warmed by infrared heaters. Expect everything from Yoga and Pilates to HIIT and Insanity Labs; all of which are enhanced by the healing properties of infrared. Unlike traditional hot studios that are warmed by gas or electric heat, infrared heat is less intense and penetrates deeper in the body, resulting in a more vigorous sweat at lower temperatures. This means the studios are more comfortable, breathable and invigorating than regular hot studios. It also creates a safe environment for all ages and abilities and is significantly better for your overall health, with lasting impacts well beyond the time of your workout.


A PubMed study showed that time spent warmed by infrared helped decrease muscle soreness and increase recovery from strength-training sessions. This inspired the vision to unite the benefits of infrared heat with a fitness environment. When combined, participants can expect results including higher fat and caloric burn, improved circulation, detoxification, increased metabolism, skin purification and more.


Residents and visitors to the region are welcome to explore the space at IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga - to learn more about this new-to-Collingwood concept. Memberships and passes are currently available to purchase online at https://ifyfitness.ca/ and will be available for purchase at the grand opening. Get yours and step into the healing infrared fitness zone! For more information about IFY - Infrared Fitness & Yoga, contact (705) 293-1991 or info@ifyfitness.ca

21 Jan 2020