Hop on The Collingwood Food Trail

The Collingwood Market Food Trail is an alternative way for market vendors and customers to continue the farmers' market experience/social crawl in a healthy way. This involves biking, walking, running, wheeling or driving to different destinations within Collingwood visiting market vendors and seeing the community!

The idea is to limit the stress! Hop on the Collingwood Food Trail anywhere you like. Visit some of the stops or all of them.  The Collingwood Food Trail is set up every Saturday starting at 10AM.  Stay tuned as more vendors hop on board.

A weekly draw starting this weekend! All location hosts will be distributing a print postcard for purchases made along with a sticker!

Earn six stickers for a chance to win a gift ($25 value & the draw is held weekly).




Guest pop-up guests this week include: Lighthouse Preservation, Cabin Bistro and Root to Fruit!

- Limited line ups

- Have the choice to pre-order

- Have the choice not to pre-order

- Get the community moving and seeing new places

- Less parking issues

- Everyone can participate

“This effort is 100% collaborative between everyone, we all support each other and get people moving to strengthen the community.” – Monica Roe, Crooked Tree Fine Foods.


  • Chef Patrick's Gourmet Foods
  • Crooked Tree Fine Foods
  • Harvest Moon Farms
  • Hurber's Wildwood Farm - pre-orders required
  • Donald's Honey - pre-orders required
  • McCutchenon's Maple Syrup - pre-orders required
  • Aster Land Bread - pre-orders required
  • Tesoro Mercato
  • Collingwood Olive Oil
  • Ashanti Coffe
  • Duntroon Cyder House/Dunridge Farms

You can join the Collingwood Food Trail Facebook Group to stay informed and share your shopping experiences.

You can also follow the Facebook Page for updates.If any food vendors would like to join up, please e-mail Monica.



05 Jun 2020