Edie Gudaitis Wellness

Edie Gudaitis is a yoga and meditation instructor, reiki practitioner and mindfulness coach based in Collingwood, ON. She leads public and private yoga and meditation classes, group workshops (some are specifically for youth and women) and 1-1 coaching sessions.

Edie is a Communicator, Connector and Community Builder. She loves to work with others and to bring people together. There is so much value in coming together (even if online until we can see each other in person).

Movement, creativity and community have been (and continue to be) an integral part of Edie’s life. She grew up dancing, swimming, skiing, playing piano, making art and enjoying other fun activities.

 Edie first discovered Yoga in 2008, while attending a performing arts high school in Toronto for dance. However, her real love affair with Yoga began in 2014 while navigating various health issues.

Initially Edie was attracted to Vinyasa, Power and Hot Flow Yoga classes - the more heating and active classes. However, as chronic injuries from dance and other activities resurfaced, she came to appreciate Restorative and Hatha Yoga.

From slowing down her practice, Edie began to understand that Yoga is a sacred, intimate and transformative practice. She discovered the meditative side of it. She found that yoga is the integration of mind, body and spirit - a powerful tool of mindfulness.

As her practice deepened, yoga and meditation offered acceptance of who Edie had become - not who she used to be. Yoga and meditation became a place for her to explore her body and mind and to connect with herself more deeply, as a whole person.

After more than a decade of being a yoga student and years of immersing herself in the mindfulness and philosophical side of yoga, Edie knew she wanted to learn more about these practices and share her passion with others. In 2019, she completed her 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Clara Roberts-Oss and Carolyn Anne Budgell. It was a transformative and amazing experience.

In 2018, Edie discovered the healing qualities of Reiki. So much of our power lies within our subtle body. It is amazing how Reiki can shift energy and help people heal on a mental, emotional and physical level. To deepen her connection with the body and to better understand the energetic makeup of the body, Edie completed her Reiki practitioner Level 1 in 2019.

Edie’s yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice continues to help her connect with her passion and truest purpose, in each moment. These practices have become a part of her daily life, helping her navigate pivotal life changes and events with compassion, grace, gratitude and patience — empowering her to craft and live a beautiful life.

If you’re looking to transform your life, but are not sure where or how to start, Edie is here to assist you in reaching your goals. As a mindfulness coach, Edie helps individuals create and live their best life.

For more information on Edie’s services and upcoming events, please visit: www.ediegudaitiswellness.com

Or connect on Instagram and/ or Facebook: @ediegud.wellness

Edie is currently teaching online:

Tuesday 12pm – Connect & Flow Yoga (60min) on Instagram Live @ediegud.wellness. 
* This class is FREE, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Wednesday 12:00pm – Meditation (20-30min) on Instagram Live @ediegud.wellness.
* This class is FREE, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Friday 12pm – Metta Flow (60min) on Zoom.
* Register at www.sanctuari.ca

Saturday 10am – Metta Flow (60min) on Zoom.
* Register at www.sanctuari.ca

Edie is looking forward to meeting you.

“Strengthen your body. Challenge your mind. Shift your energy. Transform your life, one day at a time.” – Edie Gudaitis

19 May 2020