Four doors will stand tall in Collingwood downtown inviting the community to add their voice in the form of an inspirational, healing, or transformative word, poem, reflection, or message.

As an art installation the doorways create a unique and symbolic medium for community engagement. Alongside each door will be a request for people to constructively share how they see a future free from racism.

The doorways were created with the support of Georgian Bay Woodworking. The colours of the doors were chosen as blends of primary colours to highlight collaboration and the sharing of ideas.

The Doorway Project is one action in a more fulsome approach committed to celebrating diversity and guided by principles of equity and inclusion.

As we move forward it will be important to have continued opportunities for the community to have voice, listen, reflect and collectively build a pathway for change.

To protect against COVID-19, people are asked not to participate in the project if they are ill or have symptoms of COVID-19 or are in self-isolation. While reading or viewing the doorways or participating in adding to the installation, it is important to exercise physical distancing, wear a mask while in public, wash your hands with the alcohol-based hand sanitizer provided before and after participating, sneeze, or cough into your sleeve, and avoid touching your face. Measures will be put in place to reduce the risk of COVID-19 including hand sanitizer, signs, and physical distancing cues.

The Doorways are open to possibilities. The strength of the voices in our community have built the momentum for change, please visit the doorways and add a constructive voice that inspires. Together as a community we can make positive and constructive change happen.

24 Jun 2020

By Town of Collingwood