COBS Bread Now Open in Collingwood

There’s been quite a lot of buzz around town as we’ve all watched the development of the new shopping plaza beside Shopper’s Drug Mart.  When we saw the decals and signage going up for COBS Bread we couldn’t resist popping by to see who was behind this new bakery in Collingwood.

Meet Andrea Sire!  Andrea has worked in the food and beverage industry for over 30 years and is very excited about being able to bring COBS Bread to Collingwood for everyone to enjoy. Over the past 30 years, Andrea has had the opportunity to work in every aspect of the industry from administration to food preparation and service.

She originally moved to Collingwood with her family in 2005 and stayed for 11 years raising her two daughters until 2016.  The family missed Collingwood tremendously and now they’re back.  They love the outdoor lifestyle close to the water and her daughter Zuri loves to be able to take advantage of the Collingwood Trail network and ride her bike to work every day.
Andrea has always had a passion for the science of food and by opening COBS Bread in Collingwood, it gives her the opportunity to bring her passion to the forefront and run her own show which is very exciting.  She’s proud to be able to offer quality products to her customers that are both approachable and recognizable.

With her core team of 12 employees, they’ve been busy training, baking and doing lots of taste testing to make sure that they get it perfect for their official opening day.

COBS Bread offers fresh, handcrafted bread and treats using quality, carefully sourced ingredients and they’re up at the crack of dawn to bring us mouth watering creations.  The scent of their freshly baked breads is simply mouthwatering. 

How’s this for community minded? After each day of sharing their love for all things fluffy and flaky, they pay it forward by donating leftover baked goods to local charities.

The bakery is open from 6AM-8PM Monday – Friday and from 7AM-8PM on weekends.
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30 Jul 2020