Bell Canada Volunteer Grant Supports the Collingwood G&M Hospital Foundation

A group of dedicated G&M Hospital volunteers and Bell Canada retirees came together to turn their volunteer hours into funds to purchase equipment for the Diagnostic Imaging Department at their Hospital.

Bell Canada has a volunteer grant program that allows employees and retirees to submit an application and receive funds for their chosen organization based on the number of hours they volunteer per year.

Al Black, Jim Dobson and Anson Brown, volunteered 450 hours at the G&M Hospital in 2019 and presented the G&M Hospital Foundation with $850.00 to support the purchase of equipment for the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

The efforts of this special group over the years has raised $27,350.00 for the G&M Hospital Foundation. A Special thank you to the Bell Canada Volunteer group for their outstanding dedication to their Hospital.

Pictured left to right: Anson Brown, Al Black and Jim Dobson.



14 Feb 2020