A Taste of SOUL Pop Up Dinners and Cooking Classes

A Taste of SOUL! - Cuisine of the southern United States

A Taste of SOUL! offers cuisine of the southern United States. It's owned and operated by Gwyn Beaver, a native of north Texas and now a local resident.

Experience that down home southern goodness and reserve your 'Combo of the Week'. It's perfect for lunch or dinner. (Limited delivery area.)

Bring a little soul into your home by hosting a 'Pop-Up Dinner'! This is a soul food party for a maximum of 10 people. The host has a choice of 2 entrées, 2 sides and 2 desserts selected from the 'Pop-Up' menu. The meal is prepared in your home and served family style. Kitchen clean-up is included.

Laissez-les bon temps rouler, y'all with Jambalaya 101!
This cooking class not only teaches you how to make this delicious Louisiana dish, but will include information on the cultures of the Louisiana Cajuns and Créoles. The class is taught by Gwyn and her husband, Shawn Pitre, an ethnomusicologist/anthropologist. During the course of the class which can either be in French or English, Shawn discusses the song 'Jambalaya' and plays recordings of various renditions demonstrating its universality. This is a great activity for friends, family or as a team-building exercise!

For more information please visit atasteofsoul.weebly.com or contact Gwyn at atasteofsoul4you@gmail.com




28 Nov 2019