60-Day Challenge Yields Impressive Results at The Squash & Fitness Centre, Collingwood

In April this year, 30 individuals began their 60-Day Challenge journey at the Squash and Fitness Centre in Collingwood (The Centre). Each participant set his/her own goals whether it was strength, fitness, weight-loss and/or a combination of the three. All were supported during the challenge with a nutrition plan, 3 personal training sessions and check-ins every 20 days. On June 15 they gathered to celebrate their results. Joe Clarke The Centre’s Operations Manager commented; “Everyone was smiling, teasing and congratulating each other. It was a great show of support and team spirit.”

Overall the group lost over 130lbs, body fat was reduced and strength improved 3 fold. Pam Alderdice worked-out at The Centre 55 times during the 60 day challenge and proved to be such an inspiration that she now works there part time.

The overall winner was Cassandra Clair. Cassandra saw the challenge as a kick start to a healthier lifestyle. “At first, I didn’t know if I could do this, but I started working with Joe and Terri (personal trainers at The Centre) and they got me over the hump. They tailored an exercise program that made it fun and stress-free.” Cassie also met with Dr Rehan Lakhani, The Centre’s Naturopathic Doctor and nutritionist. “Dr Rehan helped me tremendously with my nutrition plan which was easy to follow and maintain. This challenge has been great for my confidence and self-esteem and I am getting many compliments on my transformation. I really enjoyed coming to The Centre – the trainers were excellent, everyone is friendly, the staff know our names and they are always willing to help us out.”

Marcia Giller wanted to get back to a gym. “It was tough at first, waking at 5:30 to work out at 6:30. Now it is not a problem. I like the discipline and motivation that it has given me. Syd and Jensen (personal trainers at The Centre) did an awesome job considering some of my setbacks. They helped ensure correct form so I did not injure myself and they were so encouraging.”

“At the end of the challenge, Marcia held a plank for over 5 minutes. That is a phenomenal result for this challenge” said Syd Gisborne one of the Challenge organizers.

“This was the first time that we ran such a challenge,” commented Larry Hall, one of the owners of The Centre. “I was so impressed with the team. Syd did a great job leading the project and the all personal trainers - Jensen, Terri, Joe and Syd went above and beyond to make sure the challengers got the help they needed.” It truly was a team effort.

When does the next 60-day challenge begin? “We don’t have a specific date set yet. However, you don’t need to wait until something official is released. Anyone can start their own challenge. Come in and see us and we can help put a plan together that would fulfil your goals given your time constraints and budgets. Plus we are currently running our 30 days for $30 promotion,” continued Syd.

90 High Street, Collingwood.

Tel: (705) 444-7824

18 Jun 2019