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Use your Computer to learn how to use your Computer (Posted On: Thursday, January 18, 2007)

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Learning has become a staple in our diet for "keeping with the times." The long, cold winter months offer us an opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing ones. Unexpected storms, freezing rains, and cold snaps make Canadians impervious to the cold weather – okay, maybe not all of us – but one thing’s for certain – just like the cold – technology abounds and there’s no escaping it.

Recently, the Ministry of Education has added e-literacy as a component in basic literacy skills and that’s sending a strong message to Canadians. Employers prescreen applicants for basic and intermediate computing skills. Construction, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality service, clerical, sales, and almost every job conceivable do or will require some form of technology use.

FACT: A staffing crisis is looming in Canada. The over “50’s” crowd currently makes up approximately 60% of the population. Many Baby Boomers lack the necessary e-literacy skill-sets required to work in today’s technological environments. Many will be considering a career change that requires basic computer skills.

FACT: The average investment in your personal computer is approximately $2300.00. Average users know how to operate 20% or less of their Microsoft Office application’s software…and sometimes only in one program. Hmmm…something to ponder.

FACT: Microsoft Office® is the leading software used by 99% of the population for both business and personal use and many specialized programs try to create the same look and feel so users can adapt easily.

FACT: There are more than 3000 operators/functions in the Microsoft Office family suite. We called Microsoft and they didn’t have an exact number, but felt this was a fair estimate.

FACT: Computer based training (CBT) is becoming the most cost-effective method in facilitating quality instruction. Many colleges and universities now employ this method in their training initiatives, as do most companies.

Our short-term or “active working memory” is much like the random access memory (RAM) in a computer’s hard drive, in that it quickly restores the latest information. We filter what we think is important and through associations and rehearsal processes we store into long-term memory. It's a good idea to periodically refresh your skill-sets even if you’re an expert in your given field because information gets lost or distorted.

E-learning is becoming one of the most preferred ways to deliver training. An outstanding e-learning product will utilize adult learning principles that includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (learning by doing). Plus, it should be interesting, stimulating, and logical.

Recently, a study by neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, at the University of Parma, Italy, discovered that mirror neurons (what some of that gray matter in our heads is made of) play a vital role in learning, imitation, empathy, deciphering facial cues, and early language development. Mirror neurons help explain why modern technologies, such as television, multimedia, and computing are so stimulating. This recent discovery makes sense.

Wouldn't you rather watch an educational program, than read about it? Don't you feel more confident after seeing the action performed or demonstrated? Isn't it less intimidating to work at your own pace instead of conforming to some pre-determined course schedule?

Katherine Bragg opened TransOutsource Inc. to help people learn new computer skills or to enhance the ones they already have. These skills are necessary in business and in personal life. TransOutsource Inc. specializes in Microsoft Office software training.

For as little as $129.00, you can obtain essential, basic computer skills training.

For $249.00, you can learn all you need know to become a Proficient-Level user in all 5 Microsoft Office applications software (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint). That’s value!

TransOutsource Inc.’s on-site/off-site instructors will help you improve e-literacy, utilize the tools on your desktop, empower your employees, and get more done in less time. Home-based learning is a convenient alternative. “My focus for this company is to provide quality instruction and a positive learning experience,” said Bragg.

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