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Fashionable for Summer (Posted On: Friday, May 11, 2007)

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If your 12-year-old daughter seems to know more about what's hot and trendy this season than you do and you're simply unwilling to wear undershirts that hang down below your shirt line because you really don't think that type of layered effect will have a positive impact on your image this article is for you!

We consulted Dana Gunn, fashion expert with a keen sense of style and sophistication to give us some guiding tips for looking hip, sassy, sophisticated and fun this summer.

Choose to wear styles and colours that you like, that suit your shape and size; don’t wear something simply because you see it in all the magazines.

Layering is a complimentary way to add shape to your figure, and update your style but the length of the layers is where the proper decision makes or breaks your outfit. A bright colour peaking from the bottom of your t-shirt or sweater adds zip without adding volume. Beware of having the bottom layer hang out or down too far... this adds emphasis to an area that many don’t want to accentuate.

Layering without lengthening is an easy update to your wardrobe. By wearing a camisole/tank it allows you to undo another button on your blouse and change your look, or open the blouse and wear it over the cami like a jacket. If you unzip your sweater and wear a comfy camisole underneath you will also effortlessly change your look.

Everyday I have clients ask me about the ‘rule’ about the rise of jeans they should wear (how high or low they sit on your waist) and my answer is to feel comfortable and more importantly look at yourself and be honest with the look you are trying to achieve. A jean that is too low and revealing too much looks worse than a jean that might not be as low as your friends are wearing. Remind yourself of this with all your ‘bottom choices’.

Soft flowing tunics are everywhere! While it is still cool (okay freezing!) out, layer them over your jeans and slim pants, and many will wear tights or leggings under this fun style. Sassy sandals and funky slip-ons make this an easy way to look ready for summer. There is an immense variety to all of these tunics so keep trying until you find the style that you don’t feel enlarged in. Many women will choose not to wear tunics and that is okay, as I said, not every style suits everyone.

The mini skirt is as popular as ever and leggings have added an extra confidence to many who wear them. Age used to dictate who wore this style but not so anymore. My only tip for this fashion style is that you minimize the amount of cleavage you show if you decide to bear lots of leg!

Dresses are finally back as an important piece in your wardrobe. It is easy and fun to wear dresses in the summer. The wrap dress is a style that can be worn in many ways. Flip-flops and a jean jacket make a funky statement while a pretty sweater and heels takes the same dress up a notch. This wrap style of dress suits many body types and changes completely depending upon sleeve length and overall dress length. Many brands are offering short flirty dresses tending to look more like the box tunic from days gone by, but we also see sundresses with tank or halter options bursting with colour! Femininity is still strong!

Accessories will totally change your look no matter what you are choosing to wear. Let jewellery add a splash of colour! Belts remain a very strong fashion accessory. We sell many belts that are more like a piece of jewellery, a statement in themselves, and therefore you chose your belt first and then add your outfit to complete your look.

For more styling tips and wardrobe help and hints, come visit me and my team at Echo Trends....

Dana Gunn is the owner of Echo Trends and Tingle, both in the Village at Blue Mountain.



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