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Ready to Expose your Toes? (Posted On: Tuesday, April 11, 2006)

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Since you walk about 10,000 steps a day it is important to take care of your feet by pampering them with a pedicure. A pedicure is a great way to kick off the spring as it is a relaxing treatment and also prepares feet for sandal weather.

If you can't make it to your esthetician here are some tips on how to treat your feet in between pedicures at the spa:

  • Soak your feet in warm water in a foot bath for 15 minutes (you can add Epsom salts and essential oils for additional benefits);
  • Dry your feet thoroughly on a towel and use your pumice stone or foot file to buff away any dead dry skin or those painful and ugly built up calluses;
  • Trim nails with nail clippers and use your nail file on toenails to achieve your suited length and shape (make sure to note if you have any ingrown nails or discolouration this may need to be looked at by your esthetician or a podiatrist);
  • Massage a moisturizing cream onto your feet working into your legs. Look for creams that are hydrating with peppermint for soothing or tea tree oil for its antiseptic properties. Give yourself a nice long massage to make sure the cream is worked in to your skin and has been absorbed;
  • Wipe off any excessive massage cream from nails and prime nails with a base coat (a base coat will help the polish adhere to the nail better and stop the polish from turing your nails yellow);
  • Paint two coats with your choice of nail lacquer (bright colours are nice for summer, think hot pink or bold red) OPI is a favourite for its quality and beautiful array of colours;
  • You can even add nail art to your toes using polish or stickers (it's the hottest trend this season!); and
  • Finally add a top coat (very important to stop chipping and give your polish a nice shine).

For really dry, cracked feet paraffin wax will turn your feet into silk. It is available in all different flavours from lavender to chocolate.

Getting your feet ready for spring or summer has never been easier or more affordable. Various creams, scrubs and footbaths are all available at any spa or pharmacy around. Bring on spring, summer, the sun and sandals.

Come and visit us at Code Red a modern four-chair salon providing contemporary and traditional services for women and men. Jenn specializes in fabulous facials, flawless brow shaping and her last forever manicures and pedicures. Code Red Salon also offers creative cutting, rich and subtle highlights and corrective colouring.

Code Red Salon has a distinctive vivacious quality; the mood is relaxing and reminisant of a New York salon, the music eclectic and features art and jewelry from local artists.

You feel welcomed in our environment – the staff is friendly and attentive.

Are you ready for a new look?

Code Red Salon, 188 Marsh Street, Clarksburg
Phone: 519.599.6325


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