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Erin McCallum & ROADTRIP (Posted On: Wednesday, October 11, 2006)

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Erin McCallum & Roadtrip is a four-piece blues band comprising vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Each member of the band resides in the Georgian Triangle, and works in the music industry on a full-time basis.

Since it's formation in 2003, the band has made strides in the music industry in a short amount of time. Erin McCallum & Roadtrip has performed at all venue types, and has headlined at many festival events. The band has performed for audiences large and small; anywhere from 100-100,00 fans at one time. Recently, with the release of their new album “5 a.m. Blues” (June 2006), Erin McCallum & Roadtrip have been receiving radio airplay globally in countries such as Canada, the USA, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Croatia, and the Netherlands. Tracks from the album are expected to receive even greater success as more radio stations continue to request the album for airplay.

Erin McCallum, the lead vocalist and a founding member of the group, brings over a decade of performing and experience in the music industry to the band. She brings her passion for the blues to the stage, and her inimitable voice makes for the unmistakable sound of this professional blues band. Erin's training, in addition to her experience, includes Radio Broadcasting and sound production. She is a graduate of the Humber College School of Media Studies. Erin co-writes the band's original material, and is dedicated to producing new material and delivering a great live performance for all audiences. She is also a Charter Member of the Toronto Blues Society.

Brian Harrison is the guitarist for Erin McCallum & Roadtrip. His definitive style on the guitar is a large part of Erin McCallum & Roadtrip's definitive sound. Brian's influence on Roadtrip's sound is powerful, and his guitar work clearly announces the blues. A founding member of the band, Brian also co-writes the band's original material. His years of experience performing a wide variety of genres with a wide variety of musicians have contributed to Brian's guitar stylings. He is a versatile and accomplished musician, who's guitar work is most outstanding with the music that is his passion; the blues.

Ronald Lombard is the bass player for the band. Ron's impeccable timing on the bass makes a crucial contribution to Erin McCallum & Roadtrip. His extensive performing background from country, to folk, to jazz and beyond is a major asset to the band. Since joining Erin McCallum & Roadtrip in 2004, Ron's main focus us to continue performing with the band on a full time basis. He is a Charter Member of the Toronto Blues Society.

Joe Pace is the percussionist for Erin McCallum & Roadtrip. His knowledge of the music industry and his skill as a performer also lend to the band's unmistakable sound. Joe's training includes post secondary training at Humber College, as well as Berklee College of Music in Boston. Joe's current focus is to continue performing with Erin McCallum & Roadtrip.

To obtain more information on the band and it's members, visit the official Erin McCallum & Roadtrip website at The website also features a live events listing, album ordering information, sound clips from the new album, and contact information. Erin McCallum and Roadtrip perform extensively in the Collingwood and surrounding area, and try to maintain local bookings while not traveling on tour. The band believes it is important to continue performing on a local basis and continue to support their local audience. Look for the Erin McCallum & Roadtrip blues band in the near future. They could be performing near you soon!



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