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Clean-Up The Beaver (Posted On: Monday, April 20, 2009)

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Every year Free Spirit Tours, an adventure tour company, hosts 2 events that are open to people of all ages.   They are the "Clean & Climb" and "Beaver River Clean-Up"

"Clean & Climb" started up 9 years ago with the intention of cleaning up all the garbage that surfaces after the spring melt, around Metcalfe Rock. 

Throughout the years this has morphed into not only a clean up event but also maintenance of the trails.  With the help of  a local landscaping company "Blue Mountain 4 Seasons" who donates a full truck load of woodchips - volunteers help disperse these along the trails and high traffic areas.

In return for people donating their time and energy, Free Spirit Tours provides free rock climbing and caving afterwards.  

Then there's the "Beaver River Clean-Up".  Every spring is a bit of an adventure going down the Beaver River.  There is always a build up of logs creating jams which make it impossible to pass by either canoe or kayak.  So, with chainsaws, trimmers and even just brute strength volunteers get right in the river and help clear these logjams up.

For both events local stores donate prizes as give aways and this is a nice reward at the end of the day.

Event dates: 

Clean & Climb - Sunday May 24th - 10:00 @ Metcalfe Rock

Beaver River Clean-Up - Sunday May 31st - 9:30am @ the Free Spirit Tours base in Heathcote

For more info you can call 705-444-3622 or visit our website.


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