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Christmas at Christie’s (Posted On: Monday, November 27, 2006)

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Established in 1976, Christie's Clothing located in the heart of historical downtown Collingwood is a Christmas shopper's dream.

The family run boutique provides a unique customer experience commonly absent in the modern day hustle and bustle of holiday purchasing. With often-same day custom fitting, alterations and gift-wrapping shopping at Christie's makes Christmas gift buying a piece of sweet and home style cake.

Before you even step foot in the store you'll be adding items to your wish list from the festive window displays - and there's surely something for everyone on your Christmas list no matter how particular or exclusive.

Once inside, the atmosphere alone and long-time friendly staff are sure to put your gift buying stresses at ease – but just wait until you get your fuzzy mitts on what's in store for under your tree.

Christie's not only offers a comfortable and trusted environment rooted in the staff's seasoned experience, but their shelves provide the hottest, hippest and hardest to find when it comes to dressing your family and friends in style.

Here's a quick sneak peak at what's in store – but remember this is just the icing on the Christie's Christmas cake – there's sooo much more!

For the Men

For those special men in your life Christie's offers a wide selection of the finest for the finest. Avoid the chaos of the city malls – everything you're looking for is right here in Collingwood at Christie's.

From casual and outdoor to business and formal wear, they've got the fashion line you're looking for. Choose from Royal Robbins, Lacoste, Victorinox, Joseph Abboud, Nat Nast, Michael Kors and even Blue Willi's from Denmark, a line not available at any other store in Collingwood.

However, if you're not looking for something particular, a hip but classic gift this season and a great gift for any man is a snugly house robe – perfect for roasting marshmallows and sipping eggnog by the fire. Choose from an array of colors and lines.

Christie's also has it all for those special stocking stuffers. Try Tilly Hats, leather wallets, key cases and shaving kits.

Now before we move onto the ladies let's not forget the blokes with fussy feet. Christie's will warm those winter toes with slippers and shoes too. They even carry Allen Edmund Shoes – considered one of the greatest of the great in men's footwear around the world, but you won't have to travel far to find them this time. Christie's has a selection of the handcrafted shoe, for those men in your life who know women always look at a man's shoes first.

For the Ladies

Ladies we've all seen them, wandering the isles of the department stores in a seemingly psychotically induced daze totally unsure - completely lost and utterly panicked about what to get their better half for Christmas. For a great number of men this time of year is the most stressful. Bad service and bad choices can result in disaster when it's time for gift purchasing.

Now I've seen the terrible mess this confusion can make – pregnant wives getting cooking knives and I myself was the unfortunate recipient of a 3D Monopoly puzzle – lets keep in mind I am not a game board collector - but boys if you head to Christie's they'll take good care of you and help you find that perfect gift to keep you on her good side all year round.

Now it's time to find out what she really wants. Hot this season are patterned blouses and if they seem too funky for your lady's style a simple solid coloured vest can dress them down. Christie's has a great selection of Tommy Hilfiger's new designs, bright and beautiful for the winter season.

There's also a revolutionary discovery you'll find in store, Skotts washable suede slacks. Who knew suede could be so convenient.

If shirts and pants just won't do and your lovely lady seems to have it all here's a few words for the wise – a women can never have too much jewelry. Christie's carries hand crafted unique jewelry from Glam and Queen Bead – these gorgeous pieces will make her feel extra special knowing she's one of only a few sporting their original styles. Along with these pieces are more accessories no girl would turn down. Leather pursues from Derek Alexander, Victorinox luggage and Coach Handbags. There's also a great selection of gloves, hats mitts, and socks for those tricky stocking stuffers.

Now that we've got the serious stuff taken care of – now that all our lovely boys are safe from the Christmas Grinch hiding inside every woman waiting for a gift giving catastrophe – last but not least are our little ones.

For the Tiny Tots

This year Christie's has even more to offer. With the baby section as a new recent addition Christie's is now truly your one-stop Christmas shopping retailer. Whether you're buying for your own little one's first Christmas or for a friends newest family addition, there's so much too choose from in this tiny baby nook.

From timeless toys like Raggedy Ann to cute and cuddly gingerbread men plush snuggly's you'll want to buy everything in sight. Christie's has everything trendy and fun for babies this season.

Big sellers already are Baby Bumbo Seats. If you aren't familiar, these are the latest in baby lounging recommended by paediatricians, orthopaedists and physical therapists as the ultimate seat for infants as soon as they gain control of that noggin. This will give your baby the control and freedom to sit up and play with their new toys far before you expected.

If you've already got a Bumbo, Christie's is the only one in Collingwood to carry the other latest craze in baby gear – the Baby Sherpa Diaper Bag Backpack. Now this is like the Lexus of diaper bags – even Brad Pitt and Angelina sport one of these. There's a cooler storage for keeping baby's milk and snacks fresh, convenient storage for keys, wallets and sunglasses and even a spot for your video camera so you don't miss those first little steps.

Christie's baby section may boast the latest in baby fashion and apparel, but even if you're just looking for something sooo cute you're sure to find it. Some other hot ideas for baby – Robeeze leather designer booty slippers, Padraig Cottage Slippers, Yummy Style luxury baby blankets and a great selection of Christmas clothing for that special family get-together.

Whether you're on that serious gift hunting mission or you're just browsing, Christie's is definitely worth a peak this holiday season. If you're already done your Christmas shopping and well ahead of the game, who says Santa can't come early this year – you're guaranteed to find something just perfect for you too.

Happy shopping!




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