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Author Does It Again (Posted On: Sunday, December 16, 2012)

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Go ahead, call Craigleith-based, author-photographer George Czerny a two-timer. Czerny, who published two books about the former Collingwood Shipyards a year ago is repeating his publishing performance with another two books this week.
Self-published through the books, “Collingwood’s Walk of History and other trails” and “Making Tracks and Changing”, take very different themes.

“Collingwood’s Walk of History and other trails” extols the enjoyment of walking, or bicycling, on some of the 50 kilometres of trails in Collingwood. Czerny describes it as a “pictorial keeper” which can serve as an excellent, anytime gift, or souvenir.

The ‘Walk of History’ has 54 pages in a small, square book and features 106 photographs, mostly in colour, which show what it’s like along local walking/bicycling trails and the Collingwood waterfront. This book’s text includes details about the hull plates which line the Walk of History alongside Heritage Drive and what it is like to follow the Walk of History, which is part of the town’s Heritage Trail.

“Czerny’s Walk of History book successfully captures the beauty and history of Collingwood’s harbour through an exploration of its trails, artifacts and monuments. A must-have for visitors and residents alike, particularly those whose lives were touched by Collingwood’s marine history,” – Collingwood Museum staff.

Czerny’s other book, “Making Tracks and Changing” is a small 20-page book which has two parts. The first part involves 10 poems, written by Czerny at different times of his life going back to the 1960s. The second part involves what he describes as “Making tracks to change your life” and offers advice about how one can go about making such changes.

“I have no official credentials to offer professional advice,” said Czerny adding “I simply wrote based on my life’s experiences and hope that can be helpful, or inspirational, to readers.”

When he first started writing poems, said Czerny, he had brown hair. Today, he has grey hair, he added noting “life’s experiences have got to count for something.” He was once a street kid who turned his life around. "Making Tracks & Changing" is one of the smallest books you will find and - at least in the author's eyes - one of the most meaningful. And yes, at one time in his life the author did ride freight trains! But that’s another story.

Both books are available on-line in the bookstore at Shipping and handling cost extra. Both books come in softcover, hardcover and hardcover/imagewrap versions. Soon, an e-book version will be available, said Czerny.

The softcover version of “Collingwood’s Walk of History” costs $25.00 per copy, plus shipping. The softcover version of “Making Tracks and Changing” costs $10.00 per copy, plus shipping. Both books can be previewed in part on the bookstore, as can Czerny’s other titles “The Collingwood Shipyards” and “A Salute to Sidelaunchings”.

“It’s easy to find the books on-line, if you just Google their titles,” said Czerny who started out in the newspaper business when it centred on hot-metal production, with reporters using typewriters.

Czerny, now retired, was publisher of The Enterprise-Bulletin in Collingwood and The Daily Sentinel-Review in Woodstock, Ontario. He started his newspaper career as a reporter-photographer at the Daily Packet and Times in Orillia, Ont. He is a past-president of the Collingwood Chamber of Commerce, a past-president of the Rotary Club of Collingwood and in 1993 was one of the recipients of the Order of Collingwood.

He and his wife Nancy, who works for a law firm, live in Craigleith, Town of the Blue Mountains.

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