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Wedding Photography Tips (Posted On: Friday, March 09, 2007)

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The three most important things you will have after your wedding day are your spouse, your ring and your wedding photographs to remind you of the memorable day. People may forget what they ate or drank but will always enjoy and cherish their wedding photographs, as will their (future) children and grandchildren.

So, if you are getting married, know someone who is getting married or are involved in a bridal party take note of the following tips and share them with the bride and groom to be.

When it comes to your actual wedding day, a little preplanning goes a long way. A few key points/tips to keep in mind:

  • Hire a qualified wedding photographer. Your special day only happens once. Don’t leave this task to amateurs…make sure someone is accountable.
  • Create a timeline for your wedding day and share this information with everyone involved (i.e., bridal party, wedding coordinator, photographer, caterer, limo drivers, parents and in-laws etc). Your time-line should also note who is supposed to be where and at what time. This will help to reduce your stress on your wedding day and ensure your day folds out as you planned. Circulate this plan to all involved well in advance of the wedding day and ask if anyone has questions so that you are not saddled with questions on your important day and any conflicts can be worked out in advance.
  • Discuss your photo shot checklist with your photographer and work with them to budget an appropriate amount of time for photographs. Think about what your other guests should be doing while the wedding party and relatives are having their official pictures taken. You want to make sure that the other wedding guests are well entertained and at the very least, the photography session is swift and well organized.
  • Consider the time of day and the natural light. Afternoon or evening light results in better pictures than a sunny period at midday. Photos taken in bright sunlight will cast shadows, be washed out looking and make it difficult for people to appear relaxed with open eyes.
  • Inform your photographer of any specific places you would like pictures taken. Group, family and individual/wedding couple portraits you would like taken plus informal pictures (i.e., out of town guests). Remember that your out of town guests have gone to great length and perhaps expense to attend your special day. Recognizing them with a photograph is a very nice gesture that they will remember.
  • Provide your photographer with a checklist of specific shots you would like but be flexible and open to suggestions too.
  • Appoint a wedding coordinator or “helpers” to round up guests for photos, to direct guests on when and where to go, and to keep you on schedule.
  • Remember that your photographer is a professional and a valuable resource who can advise you on time frames, optimal picture locations, how to “pose”.
  • Keep in mind you have hired this person for their artistic style and flair, you want them to have some artistic freedom to capture your wedding day. Some of the best wedding photos are candid shots. Don’t forget the beauty of Black and White photos.
  • Try to book an engagement photo session with your wedding photographer, which allows you to interact and will help them to evaluate your best angles.
  • Avoid too much alcohol until after most of the photos have been taken (it affects how you look in pictures).
  • Have bridesmaids carry small makeup compacts for last minute touch ups (especially in warm weather).
  • Stay hydrated and try to eat small snacks during the day.
  • Hold your bouquet lower so you arms are more curved which is more flattering than holding it higher up with your arms at a 45 degree angle.
  • Be yourself, relax and enjoy the moments, and your photographer will capture your special day.
  • Photography etiquette – guests should take their lead from the wedding photographer: If the photographer is not taking pictures during the ceremony, it is because the clergy has advised him or her not to do so.
  • Guests may need to be reminded to be respectful of the professional photographer – you don’t want to ruin the photos the bridal couple is paying for. It may be tempting to stand beside the wedding photographer to get your shot of bridal couple or party, but be mindful that this will slow down a schedule that has been carefully planned by the bride and groom. As well, during group photos, the subjects should only be looking at the official photographer…not at you.

These valuable wedding photography tips have been brought to you by Enrique Photo Art. Enrique Photo Art is pleased to introduce their photo services to the residents of Wasaga Beach and the Georgian Bay Area. Enrique Miranda is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of experience.

Enrique Miranda Ligumsky was born in Chile and is a self-taught photographer. He enjoyed experimenting with black and white photography in his youth, and perfected his photographic and processing skills in this medium. Enrique and his family moved to Canada in 1974.

Enrique has participated in many group exhibitions as well as several solo exhibitions. He has won several awards and contests.

He now lives in Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada with his family.

Services Offered:

  • Portraits in the comfort of your own home
  • Baby and children portraits
  • Wedding photography
  • Photo restoration
  • Hand colouring of photos
  • Stock photography for your advertising, marketing and printing needs
  • Artist photography for home and office décor

Portraits for Babies and Children: One of the most rewarding aspects of my photography is to capture photos of newborn and children with their parents.

It is a pleasure to capture the expressions of babies at the early stage of their lives, the movements of their eyes, facial expressions, and tiny hands and feet, which provides their parents with a visual testimony of their child......and to continue capturing their emotions and development throughout the years as each age group displays a different and beautiful and timeless remembrance of the child’s individuality......

These images of your child will capture the wonderful moments that we all take for granted and have difficulty remembering later on. Through photography I strive to compose a storybook of a day in the life of your child.

Wedding Photography: It is very satisfying to have the opportunity to share in special events in people’s lives when photographing weddings.

Candid photos are usually the ones best received by Newlyweds and their families as they truly capture the spirit and emotion of the day. These photos are complemented with more traditional formal poses, in order to accurately record this important.

Hand Coloured Photos: “One of a Kind” is a collection of black and white photos taken in and around the province of Ontario. These photos are printed on a special gelatin paper and then particular sections/areas of the photo are hand-coloured.

Artistic Photography: Flowers are one of the most amazing forms of life that Mother Nature has given us to recreate our existence, with their extraordinary shade of colours, fragrance, form, shape, texture and sizes.

Through my photographic lens, Mother Nature has allowed me to capture the essence of life that surround us, in different forms and/or stages, in all seasons, in countries, cities, towns, seas, deserts, rivers, lakes, mountains and even rocks.

Mother Nature has given us the gift of day and night in an incredible, spectacular and amazing show, like the end of the day, in a symphony of colours that extends from dusk to dawn, better known as sunset and sunrise.

Everyday I thank Mother Nature for the opportunity to capture the magnificent display of beauty it has bestowed upon us in this wonderful world of ours.

Only in Ontario: A collection of pictures I have taken in my numerous trips across the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Ontario gives us an incredible amount of possibilities when traveling throughout its beautiful towns, parks, rivers and lakes, all of which are adorned with extraordinary landscapes and waterscapes. On those travels I have come across Antique shops that capture, in small part, the history of the people of Ontario. There are also unique restaurants, a variety of shops, nature conservation areas and roads decorated with wild flowers.

The Only in Ontario collection of photography is a compilation of subject matters that on more than one occasion is overlooked by the naked eye.

For more information about Enrique Miranda and his work, please visit his website at or call Susy or Enrique Miranda to schedule an appointment to discuss your special day at (705) 422-1658.


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