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Vibrant Green (Posted On: Friday, August 16, 2013)

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VIBRANT GREEN is a new company in Collingwood dedicated to growing the best organic food possible in an effort to make our communities more sustainable and healthy. VG was formed in the minds of young, and passionate people who want a well nourished environment, body, and mind to be the norm. Hyper-local, organic, heirloom, and fresh vegetables are just the beginning; the group is strongly dedicated to the ideal of biological optimization, pushing the edge of what is possible for human strength, longevity, and overall health. With VIBRANT GREEN around, food is a lot more than something you just eat. It becomes an indulgence of all senses, a fuel for your bodily temple, and a vote for a better world.

VIBRANT GREEN has a farm that currently grows dozens of varieties of fruits and vegetables, along with building backyard gardens for other passionate foodies. Their mission and vision is way beyond simple food, however: "Ultimately we're trying to liberate people from a destructive and greedy agricultural system," continues Michael Burgess, Director of VIBRANT GREEN " we are designing and building paradise on Earth, and it starts with genuinely great food!" Brad Kerr, Manager of the VG Farm said this: "It's honestly just about creating the kind of world we want to live in." Striving to create a series of farms around the community, their ultimate ideal is to produce more food than Collingwood actually consumes. "It's time that we shift the cultural values from consumption into production" said Michael, " we have the knowledge, technology, and motivation to do it. It's time that we put an end to food scarcity and learned to listen to Nature in our lifestyles."

Conventional agricultural systems are dependent on fossil fuels, artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and other environmental toxins. Plastic wastes from packaging, soil degradation from compaction and erosion, and poisonous foods are something we've become used to. VIBRANT GREEN is breaking the norm by working towards a genuinely sustainable, healthy, and accessible form of food. Though working locally, they're thinking globally by tackling such overwhelming issues as climate change and preventative medicine. Their business operates with a triple bottom line, ensuring the group profits for people, planet, and money all at once. The group clearly approaches things from a holistic perspective, but their narrow focus on food allows them to produce the best product possible. Michael claims that he "...wants to see everybody in the Collingwood area eating our food, because I know it's the best.

It's about bringing real food back to the table." If you're interested in dining on their food, you can find it in many places around Collingwood! Whether at restaurants like the Tremont Cafe, Tesoros, or Cabin Bistro, in a retail shop like the Collingwood Community Food Co-op, or even the local Farmers Market, you can get a taste of real food again. To see where else you can acquire VIBRANT GREEN produce, or what the group is cooking up now, check out VIBRANT GREEN's Facebook page, or their website


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