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Tree House Magic (Posted On: Monday, August 13, 2007)

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There is something so basic and charming about a tree house and just thinking about it brings up fond memories of my childhood tree house project. It offers a secret special place for any kid and tree houses come in many shapes and sizes. They are usually haphazard projects brought together with scraps of wood, cast-offs from unfinished building projects and a lot of imagination. We happened to find out about one special tree house that while still maintaining the magic - takes style, functionality and safety into consideration.

Village Builders out of Creemore, Ontario was asked to build a tree house for the grandchildren of one of their clients. Some of the challenges they faced with the project were visual appeal, safety and functionality. The clients wanted the tree house to be aesthetically pleasing and somewhat match the look of their residence.

Safety was a prime concern, considering the tree house would be built approximately 10 feet off the ground. While there are no building code regulations for tree houses, there were some simple considerations to be made when choosing location, materials and building construction techniques, knowing that the four trees from which the tree house was anchored would move and sway in the wind and not necessarily in the same direction at the same time.

The ladder leading up to the tree house was constructed with steps, as opposed to rungs, making it easier for small children to navigate. ABS pipe was used for ladder railings to eliminate the opportunity for splinters.

The tree house was constructed using four anchoring trees, and the floor beams were build in such a way so that they would have enough ‘give’ to account for weather. There is a 36” railing on two sides of the 12’ x 12’ platform for safety.

The shingles make the roof waterproof and there are screen windows to keep out the friendly raccoons during the warmer months and shutters that can be closed to keep the tree house secure in the winter. Enough weatherproofing to make the tree house a great place for an overnighter with some friends.

A smart feature is the basket pull up so that snacks and other important treasures can be transported to the tree house platform without the kids having to navigate the step-ladder with one hand devoted to goods.

If you would like to speak to Village Builders about having a tree house built for your kids or grandkids, please give them a call at 705.466.3202. You can also visit their website at


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