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Tips for Students (Posted On: Thursday, July 17, 2014)

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Summer is here and for students this means "out of school" for at least two months. But what about all the skills and habits students have learned during the year?  Are they just in storage to be taken out and dusted off on Labour Day?  Or are they gone and will need to be re-learned, as if they are brand new?

At Smart Works Tutoring some simple strategies and ideas are recommended to make "back to school" easier.

Some summer tips for students of all ages:

Reading of any kind. - Some schools offer summer reading lists, but reading of any kind is valuable.  Smart Works Tutoring can provide you with ideas for your student matched to their age and interests.  Discussions of all kinds - These could include current events, sporting events, family activities, movies and "roses and thorns" (the best and worst of the day!)

Games - There are lots of options - strategy, cards and car games
Pen pals and post cards to relatives, even if you are not on a trip, are a good way to keep up some writing.

Journals and scrapbooks are also good ways to keep writing flowing (and memories).

List making - All kinds of lists e.g. what do you need to take to the cottage, what do you need to make popsicles.

Smart Works Tutoring can provide you with many more ideas.

Smart Works Tutoring offers summer programs for students who want to get ahead for the fall.  A back to school program in the last few weeks of August is available for students of all ages.  Organizational skills can be set up for the year. Students from the past school year found that their confidence, understanding and marks all improved.  Parenting advice and editing of all kinds are also available.

Sarah Isbister the owner of Smart Works Tutoring believes that summer learning sessions can be fun and beneficial for students of all ages, getting your student off to a great start in September.

Please contact Smart Works Tutoring at 705-443-7542.


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