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Thornbury Trading Company (Posted On: Friday, December 15, 2006)

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The Thornbury Trading Company has a Top 10 List of last minute gift ideas for the whole family that are helpful, useful and fun! Best of all, you can order on-line to save some time.

For Him:

  • Ruk Shuk – ($25) Ruk Shuk™, with a name that reflects the true Canadian tradition of Inukshuk, is a game of strategy and skill for all ages – addictive, in part, because of its sheer simplicity. Players race against the clock to build different Ruk Shuk™ rock formations by balancing their blindly-chosen game rocks. Up to six players or teams.
  • The Great Lakes Beer Guide ($19.95) - The eastern Great Lakes Region offers more variety in terms of beer style than England, Germany, or North America's other great beer region, the Pacific Northwest. This rousingly written, quenchingly informative book is the perfect guide to this beer-lover's paradise. Soft cover, 5" X 9" 196 pages.
  • Tablier homes (man’s apron) – ($25) Café and crème coloured, heavy striped cotton apron with a large front pocket. Designed pour un homme...but I like it too! Goes from the waist to the floor with generous ties so you can do it up in the front or the back. Made in France.

For Her:

  • The Wine Tasting for Fun™ kit ($19) is a delightful home entertainment package that will turn bottles of wine into conversation, laughter and fun! As a 'mystery tasting', the set provides Bottle Wraps™ to hide the identity of the wines being served. At the end of the event, the Label Lifters™ included are used to save the labels to remember the wine and repurchase your favourites!
  • Frankly, I’d Rather Be with the Kids ($20) 8 weeks of menus, recipes and grocery lists. This is a walking-around cookbook, a blueprint for healthy eating and the easiest way to feed your family. Welcome to the only meal planning tool that busy parents will need. What are you waiting for?
  • Latte Whip ($22) The Original Spiral Milk Frother uses 2 AA batteries (not included) to whip up milk into a creamy froth for frothy Café Latte, 3-layer Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Hot Chocolate and other delicious beverages in seconds (recipes included).

For Big Kids:

  • The Ultimate Flyer ($160) The Ultimate Flyer is an elegant, hand-made beauty that glides and turns like no other sled you've ever tried. The entire front section of the sled pivots, letting you make much sharper turns than on a conventional flexible flyer. And, it looks great standing on the porch in between sled runs. The flyer is made to last for generations: thick birch planks, hand-carved willow hand rails and stainless-steel hardware make it tough to last. Measures: 48"L x 24"W x 4"H, 12 lbs. Weight limit: 300 lbs. Age range: 3 years + Outside Magazine recommended the Ultimate Flyer in their 2004 Holiday Gift Guide, calling it a "steerable snow rocket".
  • Ductigami ($15) Duct tape -- it's everywhere. At the hardware store, the grocery store, in secret agents' briefcases, at the Scouts' den, in Uncle Mert's golf bag. The humble tape has hit the big-time. In this wonderful, hip and downright funny book, Joe Wilson (a comedian with lots of time and tape on his hands) shows you how to make 14 amazing projects using ordinary duct tape. Projects include wallets, baseball caps, toilet roll covers, cell-phone holders, raingear for pets, and much more.

For Little Kids:

  • Bambino Pull Sled ($150) The elegantly crafted Bambino pull sled is a child’s perfect introduction to winter. The cozy pull sled is designed to excel in powder and on bumpy snow as well as hard-packed snow. The Bambino is made to last for generations, with thick birch planks, hand-carved willow hand rails, stainless-steel hardware and copper accents. Measures: 32"L x 12"W x 11"H, 8 lbs Age range: 8 months to 4 years. Weight limit: 100 lbs.
  • Baby bedbugs ($15) provide superior relaxation and soothing comfort for infants 0-3 years of age. This convenient microwaveable/freezable product is filled with natural grains and crushed cinnamon, and is encased in a washable, soft fleece outer shell. Ideal for warming cribs and carriages. Baby Bedbugs are a safer, superior alternative to hot water bottles and electric heating pads. The combination of the relaxing aroma of cinnamon and warm comfort helps to calm babies and aids in good night sleep.


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