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The Great GRAFFITI Paint Out (Posted On: Friday, October 08, 2010)

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 Collingwood’s downtown has recently been targeted – with graffiti.  It happens in the best of places but the businesses downtown aren’t going to take it sitting down.  The Downtown Revitalization Project has been working with local high schools, businesses, The Collingwood OPP, Crime Stoppers, Town of Collingwood and community groups on an initiative to eradicate and paint out graffiti in the Downtown core of Collingwood.

The Great Graffiti Paint Out is the first community program initiated through the Downtown Revitalization Program.  It’s a new initiative that will literally paint out the graffiti, removing it from the buildings in the downtown core.  At same time a ‘graffiti art’ project involving students from Collingwood Collegiate Institute, Pretty River Academy and The Door Youth Program is underway.  Currently the art students are painting several 4’X8’ graffiti art boards that will be auctioned off over the next 6 weeks through several downtown businesses with the proceeds going towards the schools art programs.

There is a desire to have the youth feel connected to the downtown core, along with a sense of pride and ownership, while at the same time respecting private property. The goal is to showcase graffiti art vs. illegal tagging of property.

Graffiti is a crime of vandalism and can eventually lead to social and economic problems. This initiative is designed to be the first step in stopping a negative in our community and turn it into a great youth program for the entire community to enjoy and appreciate. 

For more information please contact the Downtown Revitalization Coordinator, Paula Lehr at or follow The Great Graffiti Paint Out on facebook!

By: Margot Nicolson-Trott
      Georgian Frame Gallery
      Downtown Revitalization Committee Member 


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