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The Gift (Posted On: Sunday, November 07, 2010)

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Sharing Your Life Lessons with the People You Love Most by Christine E. Cowley.  The Richest Inheritance in History Heritage. Suddenly, a stuffy old word has sizzle. It’s the new sexy and it’s shaping up to be the next generation’s most prized inheritance. It used to conjure up images of ancestral manors and million-dollar art collections. Increasingly, however, the wealth of wisdom, comfort, historic detail and surprise revelations by forward-thinking memoir writers is catching on.

The Gift, scheduled for release in Collingwood on November 14, 2010, is the latest book by local author Christine Cowley, whose experience writing and producing personal and family histories led to this unique two-part publication—a book and a companion workbook—that make legacy-writing easy.

“I am intrigued to think how little most of us talk about ourselves with the people closest to us,” says Cowley. “I finally realized that what people need is a really simple and fun way to do that.”

With busy lives it’s hard to find time to chat or write down family stories, and revelations or deeply felt emotions are often never shared. Some things are just too hard to say. The result is that great stories and sentiments are lost. 

"As individuals we are the only ones who can talk about who we are, what we think and why we do or did things a particular way,” says Cowley. “I was always told that my grandmother Eva, who died when my father was a child, had a similar personality to mine. Maybe that was another way for my parents to say, ‘She doesn’t get it from me!’ but given the unconventional life my grandmother chose, I feel proud to have her genes. What I wouldn’t give to have just a few lines she might have written about herself.”

Slim enough to finish in an hour, The Gift is an easy read. The Gift Companion Workbook makes writing quick and fun, with space to answer questions as you go and extra pages in the back for lengthier sharing, or for adding photos or illustrations.

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Book orders: LifeGems Personal Histories (705) 444-0104 or

Softcover: 80 pages including blank pages for notes ? 6 x 9 ? ISBN 978-09784932-2-6
Softcover Workbook: 96 pages including blank lined and unlined pages for
notes and illustrations ? 8 x 10 ? ISBN 978-09784932-3-3

Publication date: October 2010 - $29.99 for two-book set


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