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Winter Fun – The Flyer is Back! (Posted On: Monday, January 15, 2007)

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What do you do for winter fun? Ski or snowboard? Snowshoe? Hockey or ice skate? If you are like most folks, your winter activities are scheduled just like the rest of our lives? And, if you are a parent, do you really feel like a chauffeur? Do you yearn for a simpler time?

Do you remember going tobogganing with your friends after school or after dinner…for what seemed like hours? Some kids had magic carpets but most had some type of toboggan or flyer. We would go until we couldn’t feel our hands and feet anymore and our stomachs hurt from laughing so much. Then, back to someone’s house for hot chocolate and home to dry ALL our clothes and tuck into homework.

Well, folks …the flyer is back! A wonderful company in a small town in Colorado has reinvented the flyer with names like; Mountain Glider, the Classic Flyer, and my favourite, the Ultimate Flyer. The patent-pending design features a pivoting front section that gives exceptional turning power. Its classic look and exceptional performance make it perfect for adults and kids (the weight limit is a hefty 300 pounds).

The Classic Flyer resembles the one you would all be familiar with and has extra thick powder-coated steel runners. The Mountain Glider and the Ultimate Flyer have a proprietary base; custom-molded plastic skids. Their shape allows for smooth, decisive turning. Contoured runners bite into the snow or ice so you can carve down hard-packed slopes, while a solid bottom of custom-molded slippery plastic lets the sled float through soft snow. The Mountain Glider has canoe-style handrails made from birch planks, while the Ultimate Flyer has hand-carved willow handrails.

So...think about the good ole’ future! This is an elegant, hand-made beauty that glides and turns like no other sled you’ve ever tried. And, it looks great standing on the porch in between sled runs. The Flyer is made to last for generations: thick birch planks, hand-carved willow handrails and stainless-steel hardware make it tough. Take some time to stop and feel the snow!

The New York Times named the Ultimate Flyer an "instant heirloom."
Outside Magazine recommended the Ultimate Flyer, calling it a "steerable snow rocket."

In the Georgian Triangle, the Classic and Ultimate Flyer and the Mountain Glider, are available exclusively at


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