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The Benefits of Downsizing (Posted On: Tuesday, June 17, 2014)

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What are the benefits of downsizing when the possibility of selling your family home and moving comes up? We went to people who have done it, to see not only why they did it, but to discover how it worked out for them. Joan, 62, a retired health care administrator, says, "We sold half the contents of our house so we have less stuff, less clutter, less yard to care for and fewer things to worry about." Relieving themselves of these "burdens and trappings" they say, freed up more time for hiking, bicycling, swimming and travel.

"As I've pared down, my mind has become more peaceful and I've created more space and time for the things which truly matter to me." Debbie R. Marilyn said, "Although discarding things was a problem, it was also a liberating experience that helped me to embrace the future. Clearing a room, basement or garage, even half the garage, was a powerful motivator for finishing the job. Once I begin, each newly-cleared space symbolized a break from the past and the affirmation of a new life."

Jeannette says, "Although the majority of people are not hoarders, in our society most of us have way too much stuff. Purging not only prepares one for the inevitable need to downsize with age, but it also makes life easier and more pleasant. It is freeing, opening up more psychological and emotional space as well as physical room. Purging makes it easier to clean, to find things, and to cherish what we really value when we get rid of those items we don't really need - or want."

Everyone also agreed that the process of downsizing is difficult and a little sad. The decisions that have to be made about family treasures and the like are not easy. But six months later, most conclude that it is the best thing they could ever have done.

If you are considering downsizing in the future, call local Branch Mangers with Trusted Transitions ~ Cathy Smart at (705) 606-0985 or Jeanne Hazell at (705) 444-8511 for a free consultation.


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