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The Art of Design in Business (Posted On: Saturday, August 18, 2012)

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Making your business more visible, recognizable and memorable is the most important marketing goals of any company, organization, group or club. The use of graphical elements, the style and lay-out of text makes it easier for the eye to follow improving readability and creates a visible image of your business. The use of storytelling is stronger and more memorable than a strait message.

The two together draws attention to your service and/or product painting a clearer picture of who you are. It takes a good graphic designer, one that is willing to spend the time to understand the story and work with you to develop the message that is within. 

The Design Council of the UK did a study on how design affect business and in 2007 published their finding in a report called “The Value of Design Factfinder”.   In the report they show that there is a link between better design and the performance, competitiveness of any business. That 46 per cent of business that understand the influence design has saw an increase of more than what they invested in design. That business that saw rapid growth over the years understood the integrated part that design played in profitability, competiveness and performance. The report talks further about the benefits of good design and illustrates the Design Council’s finding for large, medium and small business. With larger business having a better understanding about the advantages of good design, advantages that any business can make use of. Even though the study was done in the UK this information, as the society of Graphic Designers of Canada points out, can be applied the same here in Canada or anywhere else.

Take a look at your communication and marketing materials, your competitors’ image, communications and brand, look at business that are growing and at companies that have been around and everyone knows. Ask yourself. How important is your image and how professional does your material look to your clients? In turn how professional do you look? Do you understand the reflection your communication and marketing materials have on your business? Be it in print or on the web. Does your print materials communicate the same story as your web site and/or social media presents.

Good graphic design, as with the artist canvas and the story teller words, can create attention, change a person’s view, educate their mind and sell your idea, your message, your product and/or service. By defining your image, developing your brand, clarifying your communications and enhancing your position and messaging. Giving you a more knowledgeable, professional look and by making your business more visible, recognizable and memorable.

Design is a part of any business and is worth the investment. Graphic designer are here to work with you in developing your marketing designs and communication needs. For when you succeed, we succeed. 

Ronald Domerchie owner and founder of Sketch Graphics, communications through design.  A professional graphic designer with over 25 years of experience.



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