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Snowy Owl Tours (Posted On: Thursday, January 15, 2015)

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Bubo scandiacus is the Latin name for Canada's most northerly owl species, the Snowy Owl. 

This regal owl with yellow cat like eyes breeds and summers in the high arctic and winters throughout most of Canada and parts of the United States.  Snowy owls will show up irregularly during the winter, a phenomenon known as an irruption. An irruption will occur every 3 - 4 years but mega-irruptions like the one last year and the one occurring this year happens only a few times in a life-time.

The reason for these irruptions is still unclear but research is showing that irruptions are indicative of a banner year (high birth rate) of owlets; and since snowy owls are very territorial, fledglings will leave the nest and fly south in great numbers.

When a banner year occurs, it's a direct result of a huge abundance of prey species. Prey of Snowy owls includes: lemmings, voles, ptarmigan, waterfowl, weasels and other rodents. Snowy owls are diurnal which means they hunt during the day, unlike our resident owls, which are nocturnal hunters.  Snowy owls will perch on top of fence posts, telephone poles, bales of hay or barns watching and listening for their prey. They have highly acute senses of sight and sound and when a prey is located, they will hone in on the prey, swoop low and pounce for the kill.

Join an excursion with Georgian Bay Wildlife and witness North America's heaviest owl in action right in our back 40. Learn to distinguish the male from the female and if you're lucky, witness a hunt take place. Don't forget your binoculars and camera, and be one of the very few who get to experience the majestical existence of the Snowy owl.

For more information go to our website to see tour times or call Andrew at 519-379-6034 to book direct.


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