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Ski Cross 101 (Posted On: Tuesday, January 18, 2011)

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Ski Cross is my favourite winter sport to watch, I find myself at the edge of my seat and sometimes holding my breath (in between shouting in excitement) as four ski racers speed down the race course peppered with challenging turns and jumps at the same time towards the finish line.  With Ski Cross coming to Blue Mountain on February 10th and 11, 2011, the anticipation is mounting.

Clearly one of the reasons why Ski Cross is so thrilling is because there is contact and that added element means that the end result is not so easy to predict.

Wanting to understand more about this sport and the rules around it before the Rockstar Ski Cross event at Blue, I consulted the FIS website:

4508.1 Definition of Contact and Blocking

Intentional contact by pushing, pulling or holding another competitors’ arm, leg or pole or other means, which causes another competitor to slow down, fall or exit the course is not allowed and is an automatic disqualification. A competitor is not allowed to bring their arm, leg or ski pole in front of another competitors’ body to avoid being passed. Blocking, by intentional movements of the body or leaving the natural skiing line is not allowed. The “natural skiing line” is defined as the fastest way between the features and around the gateline. All contact infractions will be at the discretion of the gate judges and the Jury.

For details about the rules and regulations go to the Ski Cross website.

For more information about the Canadian Ski Cross team and to find related press releases go to this site.    

Photos by: Brian Barker & Julie Card


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