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Shepherds Huts (Posted On: Tuesday, August 06, 2013)

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The original shepherd's huts were built to serve a need for shelter on farms in Britain. As the shepherd and his flock moved around the farm in search of grazing so the hut would follow, towed by a horse or in later years a tractor. It was important to be close to the flock at all times, especially during lambing, as predators were a real threat to the flock.

As farming methods have evolved over the years the use of the huts has diminished and many of them have been left to decay in the hedge rows. Recently there has been interest in restoring some of these huts and using them as extra living space. The style of the huts can vary from area to area but basically the dimensions and look is very similar.

As restoration can be expensive and finding a hut to restore can be difficult there have been a number of these huts built from scratch and since we don't have any to restore in Ontario this is the only way to go here. The original huts would have had iron wheels which are difficult to handle over rough terrain so using rubber ones makes more sense. They also had a small coal or wood burning stove to heat them and would have also used oil lamps for light.

Uses for the huts here in Ontario are numerous, from a children's playroom, office space, reading room, a bunky at the cottage, craft room, garden room, you name it. To add a room to an existing home can be complicated, messy and time consuming, with a shepherds hut you have flexibility and if you have the space you can move it around as and when you want to, with the help of a garden tractor, if you decide to move house you can take it with you and add it to your new home.

The normal size hut would be about 12ft x 6ft 6in and is fully insulated, including air barrier on the outside and vapour barrier on the inside, pine beveled siding cladding on the outside stained to suit with pine t&g on the inside. It will be fully wired with lights and outlets (requires 2 dedicated 15amp circuits, one for electric heat). Windows and doors are vinyl slider type with insulated low-e glass.

The interior of the hut can be finished to suit a number of applications depending  on the proposed use or can be furnished after delivery. An area of reasonably level ground is needed for the hut to sit on and it needs to be close to the electrical outlets (distance depends on the cable size.)

If you're interested in your own Sheppard's Hut, please contact:

Marty Powling Carpentry.
223, Denney Drive,
Angus, Ontario  L0M 1B1


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