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Quest for Fitness – 52.5 to go! (Posted On: Friday, April 10, 2009)

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Well it’s week three of my quest for fitness.  The great news is that I am progressing well.  The interesting thing for me is that I am learning so much along the way that I never expected.  Once the biggest hurdle was crossed, which for me was making the commitment, the rest is falling into place quite nicely. 

Sure there have been some instances that were not my proudest moments for example when I wanted to tackle Sue Nicholson for her multigrain bagel.

Or the time I openly cursed a fellow Chamber Board member (off the record of course) for bringing chocolate croissants to our meeting.

The quest for knowledge is key.  Put it this way…if you’ve got 60 pounds to loose, you are obviously

not doing a whole bunch of things you should be doing.  What is the fastest route to reach my goal?  Educate myself and try and make the best choice possible when faced with challenges.  I try and relate each answer to a real situation in my life.  For example part of my program involves a ½ hour walk each day.  I promised myself I would reach success here, so what am I prepared to change in my current routine to make sure this happens?   One of the first things was to make this a priority.  So now, I think…before I do the laundry…or visit a client…or drive my kid somewhere…I’m getting my walk in no matter what.

Sure there have been days where I absolutely without a doubt did not want to put on my running shoes and go to the trail.  It was a miserable and cold rainy day sometime last week…but I went out anyways.  After about 10 minutes, I thought…how can I make this miserable experience go by faster?  Then it hit me like a lightning bolt of intelligence…run!  So I did…not too far and not too fast…but I went as far as I could go.  This was my first attempt at running, I think in about 10 years so I was extra glad no one else was stupid enough to be on the trail on this miserable rainy day to witness my efforts.  Guess what?  It felt great and I forgot about how miserable it was outside because I was focused on breathing and how far I could go.

Sarah Heiple, my coach from Good Energy, explained how cleansing the body of toxins is one of the most important things you can do while at the same time giving your body the right nutrients.   So she recommended a 30 day Isagenix Cleanse.  I am now into week 3 of the cleanse and it’s not as hard as I thought it was going to be.  I opted for the shake, shake, dinner option which fit into my family routine the best.  You can see some pictures of the kind of cooking we are doing at home.  It also forces me to have breakfast and lunch (which I was completely pathetic at before…being a complete coffee junkie I would typically have 5 coffees a day before even thinking about eating…then I would have some lunch around 2pm…bad). 

The hardest days are the cleanse days when you don’t actually eat food, but follow a routine of Isagenix Cleanse drinks – only once per week…so not too hard.  I was telling my friend Shelby Worts about this and she came up with the magic suggestion.  On your cleanse days…spend some time at Le Scandinave Spa.  Not only does it pretty much double the benefit of your cleanse day, it’s also a great way to take your mind off food.  Dan and I went on Monday night and it was a great way to spend time together, relax and because we went in the evening, I was able to arrive home and get ready for bed without thinking about food because I was so relaxed.  I now have Le Scandinave Spa worked into my calendar for every Monday night during my cleanse.  On Monday nights, I am also selfish.  I won’t cook for anyone else. 

Another hurdle I have had to cross has been eating at restaurants.  This is something we do often, so now, I call ahead and ask if the chef can accommodate my diet.  I use my own website as a way to look at menus in advance, find an item that sounds good to me and then I call in advance to make sure that I can have it adjusted.  For example, if a chicken breast comes with a creamy mushroom sauce, can I substitute some mushrooms sautéed in broth, instead of the creamy sauce?  The Stuffed Peasant, TesorsosAzzurra and First Street Bistro have all been very accommodating.  I do recommend that if you’re going to be picky, try being picky during hours that are not prime dinner times, maybe an hour earlier.  It makes everyone’s life easier. You’re happy, the chef is happy and you’re one step closer to reaching your goal.

The good news is that I am down 7.5 pounds in total (only 52.5 to go), 4 inches off my bust, 2 inches off my waist and 2 inches off my hips.  Yippee!

The other good news is that my running shoes now have real dirt on them.  I keep a diary of every single thing I eat, how much exercise I do, how much sleep I get, how much water I drink each day and I exercise with Sarah 3 times per week.  The exercises seem achievable (until I wake up the next morning and find that it even hurts to turn the steering wheel in my car) and each week we make them more challenging.  

My family is very supportive and have adjusted their diets as well (my husband consciously, my daughter out of default because the junk is no longer in our fridge).  We have changed the way we shop for groceries and I have started to explore the health food stores.  Sarah is a great resource for this as well, for example, Metro has these frozen chicken and leek crepes that I love.  I checked the back of the box and the ingredients seemed pretty good to me…only 200 calories for each crepe and they are made with whole wheat flour.  I took the box to show her one day and surprise…as long as I have my huge spinach salad and veggies this makes a great dinner.  I also found this amazing Quinoa salad at Dags and Willow.

Coffee is something that I have completely given up and substituted with mint herbal tea.  So my peppy personality is really just me after all because that is something that has not changed.

If you have any questions or comments for me, I would love to hear your feedback.  You can e-mail me at and to all those that have sent their messages of support and encouragement, thank you so much because they really help and make me smile.

Julie Card



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