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Moving a Loved One (Posted On: Monday, August 13, 2007)

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Jeanne Hazell speaks from personal experience. When a loved one needs to move to more appropriate accommodations, or when a family estate needs to be handled, Trusted Transitions helps smooth the way and coordinates all of the details for those involved. These times are stressful and the work challenging, which is when the Trusted Transitions team can help you.

When a loved one needs to move to more appropriate accommodations, or when a family estate needs to be handled, Trusted Transitions helps smooth the way and coordinates all of the details for those involved. These times are stressful and the work challenging, which is when the Trusted Transitions team can help you.

I know from first hand experience and wish Trusted Transitions was there for me. I was in a very demanding job that involved long hours, travel and a commitment to a predetermined schedule. My parents lived just over an hour away but ensuring I was there during the week to engage lawyers to ensure Powers of Attorney and current Wills were in place was challenging.

When my Mother finally required long term care due to Alzheimer’s it took a lot of time to find a Nursing Home that met our standards to ensure her comfort. This also involved time away from work and personal involvement during the week. My father tried to maintain the home, yard and visits with my Mom but that eventually became too much.

We decided on a real estate agent and he sold the house in two days. I panicked. What was the closing date? I had to make sure it was at least 3 months so we would have the time to select the things my Dad would want to take, go through everything in the house, decide how to dispose of the rest and do it all on weekends.

Every closet we opened brought more surprises and things we had no idea existed in the house were now facing us. Why do we keep every box, elastic, sheet, towel, and tool that ever enters our house? I am so glad I had the insight to take the measurements of the room in the Retirement Residence my Dad was going to, as he wanted to take far more than could possibly fit. I was confident with my ability to judge space but he was not and I found it was very important to leave ALL decisions in his hands. Saying “no, that won’t fit” doesn’t work.

I had a kit that I always used when I moved to do a room / home “layout” and this became my saving grace. Over several weeks, his mind changed many times as to what he wanted to take but when I was able to put the layout in front of him, he was able to decide what would and would not fit. This saved our current and future relationship, as I just wanted him to love his new residence and be happy with such a major change. When the actual moving date came, I took a weeks vacation to make the actual move, set up his room and then go back to the house to deal with everything that was left behind and clean up ensuring, my Mother’s standards were met. I know she didn’t know, but I did, and I wanted to make her proud. I admit that some of these things I wanted to do as their daughter but there were a lot of things that I definitely could have used some help with. I can’t imagine what they would have done they didn’t have me within an hour’s drive. What would they have done? I often thought about that and decided that with all of my experience as a business professional with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills I could be of help to individuals and families. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and helping seniors.

My good friend, Elaine Frost, found herself in the same situation with her Father and an Aunt and after her experiences created a company called Trusted Transitions to help people like me facing a touchy and time consuming situation, racked with emotion.

Believing so much in the concept, I have become the Branch Manager for South Georgian Bay. Trusted Transitions can be invaluable as we provide the following services:

  • Planning, advice and facilitation
  • Floor plan layout for the new residence
  • Sourcing and coordinating all related services
  • Sorting, packing and unpacking belongings
  • Arranging for disposition of unwanted items
  • Moving and storage

Our fees vary based on the types of services that are required. We will provide a quote on a fixed fee or hourly basis, whichever works best for each situation and we provide a free consultation.

We consider ourselves to be experts in post-retirement transitions. We can answer your questions about how to deal with the situation and create a detailed plan specific to your needs. If the responsibilities and the endless details seem to be overwhelming, we can help. Our goal is to ensure that things are made simple for you.

WHY you would engage our services?:

  • You are on your own and/or your family live at a distance and all of details seem daunting. We can outline a plan, at no cost, and decide exactly what needs to be done when, and who best to do each task.
  • You are moving to a smaller residence and deciding what to take to suit the new space is not always easy. We will complete a “to scale” layout to ease your mind that everything will fit. No regrets after the move. You will love to “put your key in the door”.
  • Completing all of the work can take a significant period of time and family and/or friends may not have the amount of time it requires. It can be less stressful to make decisions thoughtfully. Using the family to make the most important decisions with you is best and we can assist with the rest.
  • Knowing the individual services you require and how to access them can now be made simple.
  • We know where to start and how to finish on time, as you will most often be under a deadline.


“Having completed a summer in which Trusted Transitions managed my family's house move, I cannot now imagine how it would have been possible without them. They did much more than relocating our belongings. They answered all our questions and handled all aspects of moving in an energetic, yet sensitive way that inspired the family members.

There were no limits to what they seemed able and willing to do, and also took the time and patience to consider the concerns of each family member, no matter how detailed they were. What had seemed to be a foreboding task facing our family turned out to be an experience I'll enjoy remembering, and it is thanks to Trusted Transitions that it did.”

- Peter O.

“Trusted Transitions, thank you so much for easing the load at a very difficult time in my life. I found that when our family house was sold, and the contents needed to be dealt with, I was just not in the frame of mind to look after that, as well as a severely disabled mother who needed a lot of care. You certainly made the coping much easier. I want to thank you for organizing and physically managing to remove all of the contents of our house in a very short time frame and in a very efficient manner. It would have been physically and emotionally draining to go through everything and do it all myself. I also want to thank you for your ongoing follow-up during the entire process. Your service is truly invaluable.”

- Maureen N.

If you believe our services would be helpful to you, please contact me and I will come to meet you at your convenience.

Jeanne Hazell
Branch Manager, Collingwood and Surrounding Area
Trusted Transitions


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