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Making Safety Fun! (Posted On: Saturday, March 03, 2007)

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Here’s the dilemma: parents know the importance of getting their kids to wear helmets while skiing, snowboarding, skating, riding a bike, horse back riding and even tobogganing. But getting their children to comply is often the hard part.

There is a brand new Canadian company that has come up with the solution. Tail Wags has designed helmet covers in a variety of fun and fanciful styles that make kids want to wear their helmets. Designs include Red Devils, Kitty Cats, Funky Monkeys, Pesky Raccoons and Patriotic Beavers, just to name a few. In addition to being distinctive, the helmet covers provide additional safety by increasing the wearer’s visibility on the hills, roads and skating rinks especially in low light conditions. Parents can easily identify their child when the Pink Bunny Rabbit’s ears are flopping, the Doggie’s tail is wagging, or the Tiger is roaring with delight. An added bonus is the additional warmth that the high quality-fleece Tail Wags helmet covers provide on cold and windy days. One 12 year-old customer recently commented, “I like wearing my zebra helmet cover over my equestrian riding helmet when I’m not competing. It protects the velvet and keeps my head warm when I’m mucking the stalls.”

Tail Wags was started because of the enthusiastic response that the owner and creator of these helmet covers, Karyn Climans, received when she wore her Leopard helmet cover on the ski slopes. “People were constantly asking me where I got my helmet cover. When I told them that I’d made it, they encouraged me to start my own business. Although I’d been involved for years in costume making for my younger son’s various theatre productions, I had never been involved in manufacturing before.” During the first year of the business, Karyn has proved that with enough determination and hard work, it’s possible to accomplish anything. It’s now Tail Wags’ second year in what is rapidly becoming a flourishing business. Tail Wags has established a professional manufacturing shop in Scarborough. “I am proud to say that it is possible to create a profitable manufacturing business in Canada”, writes Karyn.

Tail Wags helmet covers can be found at retail stores throughout Southern Ontario and Ottawa including Skiis & Biikes in Collingwood and Talisman Resort in Kimberley. In Barrie, the Tail Wags line is sold at Snow Valley Resort and Mount St Louis/Moonstone.

Tail Wags helmet covers are not just for kids. Adults and teenagers are wearing them too and Karyn is very open to suggestions for new ideas for her creations. The recently designed shark was created at the insistence of Karyn’s older son who wanted to see more variety in the designs that will appeal to teenagers. As well, her sons are regularly consulted in specific design modifications, For example, it was their idea to add hot pink to the inside of the cow’s ears to liven up the black and white spotted fleece. It looks as if Karyn’s boys share her creative design skills!

The complete line of these adorable family-friendly helmet covers and a listing of all of the retailers selling the Tail Wags product line can be seen by visiting the web site, (If you would like to join the growing list of retailers carrying this successful new product line, simply contact Karyn Climans at


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