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Making Easter Cards Personal (Posted On: Friday, March 09, 2007)

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Easter cards arrived in Victorian England, when a stationer added a greeting to a drawing of a rabbit. According to statistics, Easter is now the fourth most popular holiday for sending cards, behind Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day.

A card should set the tone for your occasion and show a glimpse of the message inside! Sending a greeting card is one of those simple gestures that remind people someone is thinking about them. Making someone else feel special can also have the effect of making the sender feel good too. Nowadays, people are sending e-invites, this saves time and cost, but receiving a handmade card shows that the sender really took care. Hand lettering and script play an important role in the meaning of a written word and how people communicate with each other.

When teaching my students I emphasize on making beautiful and meaningful cards; with all of the stress in people’s lives today, small gestures are welcome more than ever. I use a variety of papers in card making; students are exposed to a rich variety of colours and textures. The use of Japanese paper has become very popular in card making and gift wrapping these days. Scrapbooking papers and cardstock are also well used as more variety becomes available. I also use my own handmade paper textured and rustic, which is the trademark of my card line.

Handmade paper has a unique look and texture that sets it apart from machine-made paper. The beauty of handmade paper is that no two sheets are alike. Unlike the cut edges of machine-made paper, each piece of handmade paper is made-to-size and thus has a feathery "deckle edge" on all four sides.

Easter cards reflect the arrival of the spring, a revival. When people think about Easter, they think about the spring, warmer days, flowers, birds... They should be bright and cheerful enough to send the right message. You could send them to everyone regardless of their religions orientation. It’s about celebrating the arrival of the new season after all.

Decorating Easter Cards

  • Decorate the outside of the card and envelope with drawings and stickers, scrapbook it! Adorning the outside of the card adds more pageantry to the thoughtfulness inside. Get creative!
  • Write the person’s name or nickname on the inside of the card. Personalizing the card reminds them this card was sent just for them.
  • Underline, circle or highlight the phrases that apply or hold special meaning. This is a great way to signify how the card personally applies to your loved one.
  • Write a heartfelt note inside the card. If you are not especially eloquent, write something simple, such as, “I am not always great with words, but when I read this card, I thought of you.” The most personal cards are honest and heartfelt.
  • Enclose a meaningful photo. A special photo could be of the two of you or of someone or something else unique to your relationship.
  • Enclose confetti inside the envelope. This simple surprise is easy and fun and will make the receiver feel extra special.
  • Add a small gift inside. You can add paper flowers to make, origami or any kind, if the recipient is a gardener, add a CD with photos of your garden or a gift certificate to a favorite store if you run out of ideas.
  • Make your greeting cards a part of an ongoing conversation. Create a sequence in which each card you send tells part of a story and together they answer a question or reveal a hidden message.

Gabriela Delworth has had a long distinguished career in the visual arts. She initially trained as a Graphic Designer, after graduating she worked as a freelance illustrator, mural designer and restorer. She is presently teaching Arts & Crafts classes at creative and community centres in the city of Toronto.

Gabriela is also the designer of her line of handmade paper cards available at selected shops and boutiques such as The Guild Shop and Arts on Queen. Please visit her website at:


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