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MCF Choir performs in Collingwood (Posted On: Thursday, April 07, 2016)

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CHOIR FROM WORL'S BIGGEST FAMILY TOURS CANADA WITH MESSAGE OF HOPE MCF Choir performs in Collingwood on Sunday, April 10th at New Life Brethren Church at 7:00 and Monday at First Presbyterian Church at 7:00. These evening performances are open to the public and are FREE WILL OFFERING EVENTS. No tickets required. MCF Canada is pleased to welcome Kenya's Mully Children's Family Mission Choir to Canada for an eight week tour.

The Canadian Safari will take the 18 member choir from Toronto to Vancouver and points in-between from April 6 to May 30th. The choir members, ranging in age from 16 to 21 are part of the Mully Children's Family (MCF). MCF currently has 2,500 orphaned, abandoned or destitute children in its care. The organization was founded in 1989 by Kenyan Charles Mulli. In 27 years, more than 10,000 children have been rescued and rehabilitated through MCF homes and day centers. The Canadian Safari features the choir members' vocal and dancing talents and demonstrations from their acrobatics and karate team, which recently won the East African Karate Championships.

The highlight of the variety show will be hearing the choir members share their inspiring journeys from heartbreak to hope. The back-stories of the teens can be found at 18-year-old choir member Boniface who faced unimaginable horror growing up testifies "MCF has enlightened my life from being a hopeless person to a hopeful being." Ndunge, also 18, has lived at MCF since age six and has deep respect for Charles and his wife Esther's compassion. "Mummy Esther is a woman with a heart for giving and I am very thankful because of her kindness. Daddy Mulli is a unique person and I do not think there is a man who can be compared to him."

The choir members also have unique perspectives on belonging to the World's Biggest family. Patience says "We are one family that can't fit in a family photo." Mukina adds, "You can find all the tribes of Kenya at MCF. It is a true reflec7on of true love." Elizabeth Mueke says "MCF has taught me how to live with brothers and sisters from different backgrounds." Founder Charles Mulli understands the plight of street children having been abandoned by his parents when he was six years old. His rags-to-riches story has been documented in "Father to the Fatherless" by Paul Boge and in the film "Mully" from Academy Award winner James Moll.

When asked about the kind of compassion required to care for so many children. Mulli said "Once love floods in, it has no boundaries. Love cares and love helps." They will also be reuniting with the hundreds of Canadians who have visited MCF Kenya. Ndondo Mutua, Charles and Esther's biological daughter, is leading the choir across Canada. Ndondo is Operations Manager of the MCF Farm which, in addition to providing food and an income for the family, is the largest employer in the region. She and her biological siblings remember how their affluent family lived before their parents opened the doors of their family home and the street children outnumbered the biological children.

To learn more bout the choir performances, the choir members, MCF and founder Charles Mulli visit the website -  Collingwood resident, Frank Tilley is the Executive Director of MCF Canada and has been a long time advocate for Charles Mulli.

For further information or to set up interviews with members of The MCF Mission Choir or Charles, Esther or Ndondo Mulli, or Frank Tilley, please contact Frank Tilley at 647 724 9444 or email.   Visit our youtube channel MCF Kenya MCF Canada 


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