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Learn the Piano (Posted On: Thursday, September 20, 2012)

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For many years people have believed that piano is the best instrument to learn before embarking on the learning curve with any other instrument.  Why is this:

1) Unlike guitar and other instruments piano is laid out in a "linear" fashion that makes it easy to understand theory

2) Piano is a very demanding instrument that forces both bands to be played in rapid concession.

If one can play piano, they could quickly transfer that knowledge to other instruments

3) For centuries piano was traditionally deemed to be the instrument of preference for a well-groomed upbringing.  For example: A "proper lady" of old was able to run a house-hold, was well versed in edicate, and could play piano or sing.

Do the above reasons however mean that piano is the best instrument to learn before any other?  I would hazard to say "not necessarily".
Yes piano has its advantages in many ways; however over the last 20 years of teaching I have found that any instrument can be learned first and (when taught properly) this expertise can quickly be transferred to any other instrument due in large part to the theoretical base that was obtained along the way.  Besides: When a person pores into their passions, they will generally dig deeper into their journey and move faster through their learning process than if they were forced to work around their passions.

For example:

If a person wanted to learn how to canoe and canoe-trip.  How long do you think they would last learning to paddle-boat for hours instead?
If a person desired to hike the Bruce Trail how long do you think they will last walking around the block over and over in preparation for their larger journey? - not long.  It is no wonder why many talented individuals loose an interest for music during the process of learning music.
The question is:

Is there a teaching method that will allow all the high theory of music to be taught through other instruments like guitar, drums, saxophone and others?  Allowing a person to follow their passions but still learn all there needs to be learned about music? 

Yes there is.

The Spaulding Method of learning does exactly that.  It sews into the desires and passions of each student  while still teaching the deep theoretical principles that stand behind all modern and even past compositions.

Through the Spaulding Method of learning, each student learns to speak music natively like a second or first language.  We learn the language through the context or dialect that inspires us:
Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, Jazz, Folk, etc.

In all truth there is no need to learn piano first if your desire is for guitar.  The two instruments are quite different and offer very different benefits.  Start on guitar if your desire is for guitar.  Start on drums if your desire is drums. Don't concern yourself.  All professional roads in music lead to the same end:  Overlapping knowledge between all instruments.  So when you follow your passions you will always get further.

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