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Just Ask Judy (Posted On: Monday, July 10, 2006)

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We’ve teamed up with Judy Martin and asked her to answer some of the most common questions she gets from her clients. Maybe the answers can help you too.

Q. Is there a crack in the ceiling that stares at you every morning?

A. With a little spackle and some cake decorating experience you can smooth that spot on the ceiling. When its dry, give it a light sanding. Sometimes I may even use paintable caulking as it has a little give in case the building moves again over time, then paint always two coats of paint at least.

Q. Your interior seems dull, faded or simply out of style?

A. While soothing colors, pastels and neutrals are still very popular, this year will see the comeback of bolder, more saturated colours for a more dramatic look with a hint of frivolity. Here are some of the hottest colors this year. Interior decor, shades of cream, sand, taupe, brown and sage. Exterior, earth tones, full-bodied browns, brick brown and reds trimmed with golden accents.

Q. Living in a color environment that suits your personality begins with knowing yourself.

A. To find that knowledge, I've discovered a great web site –

Q. Need an estimate to paint your home? Here are some tips.

A. When you call a painter ask if they will provide a free estimate in a timely fashion. Always get more than one. Then ask for they're availability for such a project of this size. If they say tomorrow or next week be cautious, a good painter is very busy 4-6 weeks in advance generally but there are exceptions. Make sure you understand the quote, eg: is the labour cost final for each project, it should state unless the customer requests a color change the room quote should not change.

Q. What products are available to do your project?

A. There are great products available today. If you have a favourite then go for it. I have found over the years that they are developing products in a latex based that will adhere to treated wood, previously painted wood. There are stains now that are oil based with water clean up. Let your painter provide you with options in product and options in cost.

A little bit about Judy Martin of Just Ask Judy...

Judy found her path to painting by literally following her heart. She proudly tells us that she actually followed her heart and met a wonderful man who built restaurants for a great company. In turn she traveled with him to town after town, learning so much on her journey. She soon realized walls and ceilings, they were every where. To her delight the company decided to build two Inns with restaurants. Then there was room after room that needed wall coverings, wood stained, walls painted, textures....

So off she went with paint brush in hand to follow her rainbow.

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