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Where Did You Get that Necklace? (Posted On: Wednesday, November 15, 2006)

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“Oh my gosh I love your necklace! Where did you get it? That's the question my mom was hearing all over town when she started wearing the jewelry I was making. She would respond by telling them that her daughter made the necklaces, bracelets and earrings for her and they would ask if I took orders and offered to pay for them How cool is that? That's how "The Just Jems Beading Company" was started.

My mom and I started beading about a year and a half ago, and if you don't bead you must know that it’s very addictive! We started spending time out in Clarksburg at Holy Crow Beads and the passion continued.”

Starting a new business is not a small task. You must be passionate about whatever it is that you choose to do in order to reach success at any level. Focus is key, and customer service is paramount. Many adults venture into new business endeavors and some are successful and others not so fortunate. In speaking with Jenna’s mom on the subject of The Just Jems Beading Company, it is very clear that Jenna has a passion for what she is doing, but is also committed to the elements all around that are required to make a small business venture a success.

“I love my business, every one says that I am an entrepreneur, but I just really like making jewelry and having happy customers wearing beautiful jewelry. I am proud to have my Just Jem Creations in two locations in Collingwood, and receive custom orders often. I have learned alot about running a business, organization, inventory, price points, managing money, different styles and colors for the season at hand, deliveries, and of course now I have a reason to spend hours shopping for beads, I love my business, but mom says I still have to go to school.”

Jenna is 13 in Grade 8 and she started her business at age 12. She works at Kumon one day a week, and also works at Holy Crow Beads in Clarksburg as often as needed (she would move there if she could). She takes art classes with Michelle Fleming at the Bay School of Art, does homework and dreams about beads in all of her spare time. She thinks that she would like to be a marine/aquarium biologist when she grows up.

You can take a look at Jenna’s creations at The Style Studio on Hurontario Street in downtown Collingwood (just beside Stuart Ellis IDA) or in the Pro Shop at the OslerBrook Golf and Country Club. Her creations are not only gorgeous, they are also priced very nicely and would make excellent gifts for any of the ladies in your life. It is interesting to note as well that while Jenna is only 13, her sense of style combined with her creativity accents her jewelry line to suit any age or style. Each piece is unique and seems to have it’s own personality.

If you would like to contact Jenna, you can call 705-446-1168 to place a custom order.

I am proud to say that I own a Just Jems original and have received many compliments.

Submitted by Julie Card


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